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Owen Bad News Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2009 11:00:00 AM

Whatever it is you think you are
you aren't:
a good friend, unique, well-read
good-looking, or smart.
Well now you know.

Well I hate to be the one to bear such bad news.
I know it hurts to hear
but it's true.
you don't mean anything
to anyone but me.
And even I think
that you're blinded by conceit.
So now you know.

Free beer
and basement shows
don't mean you've made it.
It's what you do
not who you were, or what you wear, or where you've been,
so do something

Whoever you think is watching you dance
from across the room,
they aren't.
If anything, they feel sorry for you
'cause you try so hard.

I know it hurts to hear
but it's the truth/
So you might as well hear it
from a friend.
You're a has-been
that never was.

And I know it's mean to say
but it's something I've been meaning to say to you
for a while.
You're a has-been
that never was
or will be.

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Oh spare me! | Reviewer: Justin | 9/10/2007


Who made you the authority on how one interprets lyrics? Get off your high horse and lose the "holier than thou" attitude.

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Mike is amazing. | Reviewer: Divine_Perfection | 9/7/2007

I love the song "Bad News". It's such a powerful song and one of my favorites from "At Home With Owen". I do miss American Football though.

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Bad News | Reviewer: Brett | 8/2/2007

If thats how you perceive that line of lyrics you really shouldn't be listening to Owen in the first place.

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Owen is Amazing | Reviewer: Holland | 4/8/2007

Bad news is his best song by far, but the rest are also amazing. He tells the truth about life in Bad news. The lyrics in all of his songs are very honest The part about dancing and thinking someone across the room is watching you but they aren't is also very true. I don't know how many times I've gone to dances and my friends think some hot Guy is watching them so they try showing off and it ends op he's looking at the model-like person behind them. My brother says its so emo but its a very honest song so he just needs to face the facts. Everyone should listen to bad news and maybe some conceited people will calm down a little

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