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Social Distortion Bad Luck Lyrics

Last updated: 08/04/2011 11:00:00 AM

Some people like to gamble,
But you, you always lose.
Some people like to rock 'n' roll,
you're always singin' the blues.
You gotta nasty disposition.
No one really knows the reason why,
You gotta bad bad reputation.
Gonna hang your head down and cry...
You got bad, bad luck.
Bad, bad luck.
You got bad, bad luck.
Bad, bad luck.
Thirteen's my lucky number,
To you it means stay inside.
Black cat done crossed my path,
No reason to run and hide.
You're looking through a cracked mirror.
No one really knows the reason why.
Your enemies are gettin' nearer.
Gonna hang down your head and cry....
You got bad, bad luck.
Bad, bad luck.
You got bad, bad luck.
Bad, bad luck.
Some people go to church on Sundays,
others they pray at home.
You tell them that there ain't no God,
that they're better off standin' alone.
You're always scratchin' at the eight ball,
No one really knows the reason why.
You get to the top and then you fall,
Gonna hang down your head and cry.

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no holds barred | Reviewer: Dennis Grace | 8/3/11

That is the greatness of Social D's music. Mike Ness is straight forward and doesn't mix words when it comes to relating his life. And that is what these songs are all about. There is no pompous arrogance to his lyrics. Some have even said they are quite elementary. But when the story is as powerful as these songs are, who needs the fluff. Ness let's us know that, at times, life hurts, love stings, and emotions are to be dealt with. but we move on. We push through the adversity and find it can be as simple as the lyrics. Sometimes life really sucks, but you have to give as good as you receive. Whether its in love or war, give it right back. A kiss on the lips or a fist to the jaw, take your licks and give them right back. Bad Luck is as good as any other song out there. simple, but elegant in its own way. And even i, as a dude's dude, get drawn in my Ness' voice, and his ultra cool swagger. If ever there was an alpha male I would flow anywhere, it's Mike Ness.

Bad Luck | Reviewer: Cody Macartney | 4/13/05

AN instant classic as soon as it came out. Bad luck from the Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell album, is your typical Social D track. Great rythem, great emotion and Mike Ness tells a story similar to his oun life's struggles.