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Bad Company The Original Bad Company Anthology Album

Last updated: 02/03/2005 09:03:00 PM

Release Date: 03/23/1999
Tracks in The Original Bad Company Anthology: Can't Get Enough, Rock Steady, Ready For Love, Bad Company, Movin' On (Single Mix), Seagull, Superstar Woman (Original Unused Track), Little Miss Fortune (Single Mix), Good Lovin' Gone Bad, Feel Like Makin' Love, Shooting Star, Deal With The Preacher, Wild Fire Woman, Easy On My Soul (Single Mix), Whiskey Bottle (Single Mix), Honey Child, Run With The Pack, Silver, Blue And Gold, Do Right By Your Woman (Previously Unused Mix), Burnin' Sky, Heartbeat, Too Bad, Smokin' 45 (Original Unused Track), Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy, Evil Wind, Oh, Atlanta, Rhythm Machine, Untie The Knot, Downhill Ryder, Tracking Down A Runaway, Ain't It Good, Hammer Of Love, Hey, Hey

The Original Bad Company Anthology Album Tracklist