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Back in Washington D.C. in 1977, four black guys formed a
jazz/funk outfit called Mind Power. "All the while we was
jazz, we wanted to innovate," HR says. "We wanted to be
part of something new and different and real. We was
continually seeking. And then I saw the Sex Pistols album,
and I said, 'BOOM! This is it!" The credit for introducing
safety pins and punk rock goes to Sid McCray, an early
vocalist for the band.

Influenced by the Pistols, Eater and the Clash, as well as
Led Zeppelin, Mind Power changed their name after six More...

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Review about Bad Brains songs
Contra Jah | Reviewer: Diogenes
    ------ About the song I Against I performed by Bad Brains

The title literally describes a fight against the speaker's beliefs in Jah and what he thinks is Jah's will. It's a fight created by what Alex above calls the cognitive dissonance in America. There are lies propagated by the media, the churches, by naive but authoritative family members, and others, that claim goodness gets you to the top, and where you want to be. But the reality is that goodness, religiously and socially speaking, only brings you spiritual happiness. But the external forces of North American Society (capitalized because it's a Big Deal) try to force you to go against your better judgement and use its materialist criteria for well-being. This creates the tension within the individual, which makes the title work on more than one level: as the struggle against God, and against the self.

PMA is not madness | Reviewer: Pablo Bitu
    ------ About the song Don't Need It performed by Bad Brains

This song talk about how a person can be consider mad when is immerse in positive mentality. When he sings "I've got that positive flame.
And if you think I'm going crazy,Then pretty baby it might be you babe."

Love this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song House Of Suffering performed by Bad Brains

One of my all time BB faves. For the first time on i against i, they were able to balance the spirit of rebellion with the higher level of musicianship that they were coming into with rasta. It was totally unique & it's (thankfully) never been duplicated. My favorite line is where HR refers to his "spiritualogic grin" & relates it to his connection to "grace". It's pure poetry (as usual) & an everyday thing for me!

One of the best songs ever. | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song House Of Suffering performed by Bad Brains

It's a long list, but this song is on it. A great moment in American history, when a young D.C. based jazz band found it's way into hardcore punk while embracing the Rastafarian faith. Hearing is believing?

The traps of America and the inherent disconnect. | Reviewer: moxley
    ------ About the song I Against I performed by Bad Brains

I think that the song is about the inherent cognitive dissonance in America...The disconnect between what people think of as America and the reality of..well, the reality (aka the lies the media and government perpetuate, the American dream, all of that stuff - the stuff we all want to believe, but that isn't really true).

It's talking about how materialism is a trap, how nobody is out to help their fellow man, they are too caught up in the rat race and material's a beautiful, powerful, anthemic song.

The Brains Spit Hot Fire | Reviewer: Varnzo
    ------ About the song I performed by Bad Brains

Simply untouchable. This song epitomizes punk music/ethos as does the band themselves in so many ways. One of their best and up there with Pay to Cum. A masterwork. Covered well by Snapcase on Never Give In tribute cd.

:) | Reviewer: George
    ------ About the song I Against I performed by Bad Brains

Nice, I think he is saying
Motto whatever when going gets hard.
you wrote,"I don't want to have I go against I"
Im wanted to read the lyrics and you helped thanks.

AWSOME SONG LIVE !!!! | Reviewer: lars scars
    ------ About the song How Low Can A Punk Get? performed by Bad Brains

have you seen the live video for this?!! oh it's awsome. it's actually a great song live or not live. BAD BRAINS ROCK!!

Kick ass | Reviewer: Robman
    ------ About the song Pay To Cum performed by Bad Brains

Bad Brains Are some fuckin awesome band Mixing there black skills with Punk that we hear like 46 short and in this song if you cant sing that fast why are you here

Yet another hardcore gem from the masters | Reviewer: classik hardkore
    ------ About the song Big Takeover performed by Bad Brains

Big menacing storm clouds of hardcore fury mount & dispense frenzied wisdom

punk? not if you don't know bad brains!

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