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Bad Astronaut Biography

Last updated: 09/17/2002 10:56:19 PM

Bad Astronaut is a project consisting of of Joey Cape from Lagwagon, Derrick Plourde (Lagwagon, the Ataris, No More Lies), and Marko 72 (also a former member of the Ataris, Popsicko, and current member of Sugarcult).

Origin: From a spaceport known as Santa Barbara, Bad Astronaut formed early in the 21st century around the year 2000. The threesome trace back their interstellar friendship to the third grade, probably where they first began plotting out their course in the musical universe. All of this will be become clear with the arrival of Bad Astronaut’s debut release, a 10 song CD-EP christened Acrophobe.

Crewmembers: At the vocal helm we have the dashing Joey Cape. Joey has spent time on other vessels: piloting Fat Wreck Chords flagship Lagwagon, and serving as a deck officer with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Marko 72 plays the galactic thunderbroom, or as Earthlings know it, the bass. Much like the mercenary smuggler Han Solo, Marko has offered his services to many throughout the indie-rock galaxy, spending time aboard Nerfherder and the Swingin’ Utters. Derrick Plourde, who until recently was lost in a parallel universe, operated the drums for Lagwagon on their first three missions: Duh, Trashed, and Hoss.

Mission Objectives: Bad Astronaut will embark on a musical mission to test the boundaries of independent music with their own seasoned musicianship. Their sound is best described as a darker and more mature Lagwagon, while still keeping Captain Joey’s sweet harmonies intact. Bad Astronaut hopes to restore peace and tranquility to the galaxy by branching out and collaborating with several different labels.