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Backyard Babies Biography

Last updated: 12/17/2007 11:00:00 AM

The guys started a band in 1987. They were all attending a high school in Nässjö. Dregen, Johan & Peder all were in the same class and Nicke at the same school. They didn't have much else to do then to form a band. In the beginning they didn’t have a name. They recorded a homemade demo in their rehearsalstudio and played a few shows for friends only. The following year they released another demo and by now Nicke started to play bass. A guy called Tobbe were singing. They also played a couple of shows on the schools around the area.

In 1989 they fired their old singer and Nicke handles the vocals from now on. They become Backyard Babies and recorded another demo. They also played their first real gig and get some attention in the local press.

A second demo is released in 1990 and they start touring around Sweden. They got lots of positive response both from the press and the rockcrowd watching them. 1991 the band lands a gig at that years Hultsfred festival, which becomes a major success. They develope a contact with MTV, who plays the bands demo on the air. This was the first time for a band who didn't have an album out yet. That same year also sees the release of their first vinyl, it's a 12" called "Something to swallow". The Babies played lots of gigs, the rest of the year, as a direct result from their stunning Hultsfred preformance.

In 1992 the record 2 more demos and played a number of gigs all over Sweden. They signed their first recorddeal with Megarock rec. in 1993. They also visits Stockholm frequently for gigs and countless parties. They also record a video for the demoversion of "Bad to the bone", which is shown on national TV. In 1994 they recorded and released their first fullenght album intitled "Diesel & Power" and with that follows a single and video for the song "Electric Suzy". They also traveled around Scandinavia and Germany for lots of gigs. In february of 1995 they played a couple of shows in Scandinavia supporting their old hero Mike Monroe's new band Demolition 23. That is followed by more shows on their own.

By the end of '94 Dregen and Nicke Andersson (ex. Entombed) forms The Hellacopters, a band formed just for the hell of it! 1996 is summed up by 2 words, "Total Break". No gigs for the whole year. All that is done is a demo for future record deals.

January 1997 sees the first Backyard Babies gig for about 18 months. It's a showcase for a recordcompany called MVG. Later on they travel to Germany to support punklegends Social Distortion on their tour. April 3rd they sign a recorddeal with MVG. In May they head west to America for some more shows with SD and some shows on their own. At a show in New York Peder play the gig with a 110 farenheit fever (40,5C), all in the name of RNR!!! After their American tour they play some festivals in Sweden and record their forthcoming album at the same time. What comes out of that is a EP called Knockout's EP. They play more shows and return to the studio for more recording of what's to become "Total 13" eventually. A small tour throughout Europe is planned, in order to support the EP and to hunt down a recorddeal in the UK. The guys play a breathtaking show in front of a packed rockclub in London on November 20th. That eventually lands them a recorddeal with Warner/Coalition. Many London rockers are there to watch thi

s historic gig. When they return home the final preparations for the release of "Total 13" is made.

January 1998, it's finally here after 4 years of hard work and constant touring. "Total 13" is released and we all are blown away by this fine piece of Punk/Rock/Slam/Glam music. The album gets stunning reviews in the majority of all the Swedish papers. They pretty much toured all of 1998.

In 1999 the 'Babies went to the studio to record the next album, expected to be released in early 2000. They got a record deal in the U.S, and "Total 13" are going to be released November 2 1999 in the U.S.

As for 2000 the 'Babies recorded and mixed their album, they went on tour with AC/DC and went to the US.

As for 2001 things are looking great, the album will be released, the guys will be touring. And I hope that YOU didn't forget about the world's greatest band... The Backyard Babies!