Backstreet Boys Lyrics

The Backstreet Boys were, in many ways, a contradictory
band. Comprised entirely of white middle-class Americans,
the group sang a hybrid of new jack balladry, hip-hop, R&B,
and dance club pop that originally found its greatest
success in Canada and Europe, with their 1996 debut album
charting in the Top Ten in nearly every country on the
Continent. Ironically, success in their native land did not
follow until nearly two years later, when teen pop enjoyed
a commercial explosion in America. Along with such artists
as *NSYNC and More...

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Review about Backstreet Boys songs
blind love | Reviewer: nayana gowda
    ------ About the song Show me the meaning performed by Backstreet Boys

Once when i was reading in veranda i saw a boy who just passed next to my house i saw him i felt to hug him i was waiting for him at same time i did not find him i felt sad it was time to shift my house it was surprise to me that i was next to his house i felt very happy and soon our friendship started and it lead to love we both loved each other verymuch but the incident i tell u is that i cannot forget in my life that he had passed away by accident i love him very much till my life ends I LOVE U Harsha i love u very much let ur soul be in rest

Love this amazing song | Reviewer: jerry
    ------ About the song Crawling Back To You performed by Backstreet Boys

I love this song.I lost my gf and I begged her to come back to me but she cant.I always call and txt and even post.She got up and told me to her this song.Believe me or not,I had a sleepless night till morning and I told her that I will wait as long as you come back.Thanks to back Street boys

incomplete love | Reviewer: honey
    ------ About the song Show me the meaning performed by Backstreet Boys

I thought he is mine but he proved dat sometimes wat we think is not always go lyk dat...things change every sec,,,,he left me alone n I missed him alot n love him more than any1 else....this song reminds me of those days we spnt togethr....I really miss those memorable Days u @rnie

What a shame! | Reviewer: Archer
    ------ About the song Madeleine performed by Backstreet Boys

Someone who has put this text here is definitely not a native speaker. I could do it like this when I was 13. Well, it's time to get back to good old line-by-line audition. I've missed your pronunciation, guys!
PS the song is really great and positive!

broken heart by someone special who meant a lot to me but when i told him about this i was just too late | Reviewer: EA
    ------ About the song Show me the meaning performed by Backstreet Boys

I miss you a lot , I still love you. I wanna be with you forever I know never possible but I just die for you . Yeah, I know I'm moving to London very soon just after my studies , I don't know what's gonna happen there in my life ,please come back , can't describe my love for you in words . I know you too want me and don't know which things just stop you .

I dnt knw wthr m lovng u r not... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely performed by Backstreet Boys

Such a beautiful song...making me falling again again for some one.. I dnt knw wthr m lovng him or waiting for him frm the last 4 yrs jst to say a sorry..?? :( i really really want u to come fr th fst n may b d last tym fr evr...sorry..!

parents or lover ? | Reviewer: sabeer sha
    ------ About the song Show me the meaning performed by Backstreet Boys

It is not a successful thing. . We must realise the reality of life. . . We must live for god,mom,and pa. . .
Not for any cheap. . .
Only they were kidding with you. . .
You dnt fall it. . .

U havnt los any love. . .

Here you have a good,kind,
ur swt parents. . .
Love them, and leave there love. . .
I love my parents. . .a lot. . . .
Ummmmah. . .

Luv hurts | Reviewer: Al hajjy
    ------ About the song Show me the meaning performed by Backstreet Boys

Luv iz smthng u dont expect wen it gots u dat iz da tym u fil weather it hurts or not i kul urge doz hu hv bin luved by ada pazon 2 tel da fact sm say instead of fallng luv u beta fall off bridge

Dadicated to my ex SA. | Reviewer: NOMFUNDO
    ------ About the song Never Gone performed by Backstreet Boys

Everytym wen m listening 2 dis song t feelz lyk they are singin 4 me they wrote t 4 me. T reminds me of a guy i dated n we broke bt in ma heart hz never gone evrwhr i go hz wth me in evrystep i take, i take t wth hm wthin me, yes!! hz never gone.... THANK U BSB 4 DIS LVLY SONG

love | Reviewer: K.umamahesh
    ------ About the song Show me the meaning performed by Backstreet Boys

Love it is so wonderful feeling it never expected in our lifes ones u fall in love it gives so many shades like angry,happy,sad,jealous so many in every felling we all are only show love on other person

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