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It's not that I can't live without you
It's just that I don't even want to try
Every night I dream about you
Ever since the day we said goodbye
If I wasn't such a fool
Right now I'd be holding you
There's nothin' that I wouldn't do
Baby if I only knew

The words to say
The road to take
To find a way back to your heart
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way back to your heart (ohhh)

I don't know how it got so crazy
But I'll do anything to set things right
'Cause your love is so amazing
Baby you're the best thing in my life
Let me prove my love is real
Make you feel the way I feel
I promise I would give the world
If only you would tell me girl

The words to say
The road to take
To find a way back to your heart
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way back to your heart

Give me one more chance (give me one more chance)
To give my love to you (give you my love, my love)
Cause no one on this earth loves you like I do
Tell me

The words to say
The road to take
To find a way back to your heart
What can I do
To get (get) to you
And find a way back to your heart (ohhh)

I turn back time
To make you mine
And find a way back to your heart (gotta find a way to your heart)
I beg and plead
Fall to my knees
To find a way back to your heart

The words to say (the words to say)
[These arms of mine]
The road to take (the road to take)
[Are open wide]
To find a way back to your heart (find a way)
(gotta find my way) [From now until the end of time]
What can I do (baby, baby)
[You are my world
What can I do?]
To get to you (get to you)
[This heart of mine belongs to you]
And find a way back to your heart

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find a way back 2 ur heart | Reviewer: amarachi | 6/26/13

D more i listen 2 dis song d more it remind me if my love who left me in dis lonly world but still can't 4get him, i think is true love cause true love never die ( men) onyi i miss u so much

"I wish" | Reviewer: Jack | 3/21/12

Today, I watched Titanic, it wasn't the first time but now it knocked me down so hard. And then I listened this song again, and again then I could just wished in hopeless. I wished she just cared about it all.
I still listen this song in 2012
Love you so, Nazha!!

4 u ANJU by SRUTHIN RAJ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/11

i dont know how to right. its that much beatiful than my words. i've already lost my lover. i realised that's why. when i heard this song i understood the importance of her in my life. so WHAT CAN I DO TO GET TO YOU.....

So so so touching song... | Reviewer: BelovedBoo | 2/7/11

In my opinion, this should be one of the best songs ever by BSB (though it's not so popular).

Simple yet touching lines. And always speak right to every lover's heart. I almost cried when listened to the song 10 years or more ago and today, it still makes my heart melt.

I always know "back to someone's heart" is difficult (and nearly impossbile) after so much crash, so much hurt and suffering. But I do believe that two hearts that really are M.F.E.O will finally find a chance. So, best wishes to those who are still in love but (for some reason) have to be apart from each other. Just let your love lead the way, listen to this song (at least one time) and try to find the way back. Cause nothing hurts more than giving up on your true love and turn around...

Life is short enough and lonely enough and painful enough. Two true hearts need to be together to make it easier. Don't you think?

Back To Your Heart... | Reviewer: angel | 11/14/10

Oh... This song always throws me in emotional frenzy. Always makes me cry for my one-sided, failed love. I've decided to give up on him so many times, but even little things about him shatter all my resolutions. For my love: "No one on this earth loves you like I do"

Lovely! | Reviewer: bsb lover | 11/7/10

What a lovely song! And BSB have made it very beautiful...

"The words to say
The road to take
To find a way back to your heart
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way back to your heart "

These lines made me cry...

This is for the person I love the most...

"......, I love you very much. But I don't know what to do, what to say to make you feel that I love you. I know you are way too great to be mine and the chances of you loving me back are too rare. But, my love is true and it will never ever fade. Even if you can't be mine, I'll always be yours and my only expectation from you will be that you make me happy, by being happy. Your happiness is all I want. Love you, my life! "

Love | Reviewer: Christopher Velez | 10/15/10

I dedicate this song to the one person that have shown me her all, the one person who has loved me and still do as we are a part away from each other, Merannie Velez Rodriguez. She means the world to me, and she says everything to me and showed me, what true love truly feels like. Under a star, we hold each other, under the moonlight, we hold each other, kiss under the starts, romantically. We share emotions and share laughter, where there's days that we both wish, the day never ends. We love each other until the break of dawn. But when the time is right, when we must depart and go, the hardest part to DO is letting go of one another. Our love is strong indeed but, problems, is what we face because of me. I Love you Merannie Velez Rodriguez...
It was never you, it was always me. So now I face these days alone and suffer from my mistake. If you only knew how much pain I have to face, each day...

P.S. LoveNeverEndzz...

fulll of emotion | Reviewer: ajay | 4/14/10

the more i listen to this song the more it remind me of my love ,she rejected me but still i cant forget her ,i think its true TRUE LOVE never dies

fuck a drop came out of eye :(((((((((((((((((((((((

Truly loving &........ | Reviewer: Narendra | 3/23/10

Thanks to BSB for dis deep soul touching song I wanna dedicate it to all d true lovers who missed to express themselves as i. It takes me to d past & still wets my eyes. Always do express ur felling!!!

just Beautiful | Reviewer: Ishan | 12/10/09

a simply great n touching takes back me to the time when i said bye to d gal i loved this touches d soul deep down.. i acted a fool, i knw now we both can't b together again but still i hope one day she wud realize hw much i love her.. i dont knw when it got so crazy.. i need a way back to ur heart plz 4give me.. I love u Ria..

Bestest Of All Time | Reviewer: Zinia | 8/27/09

its such a song that can never be heard once. the more i listen to it the more it makes me emotional. especially the last part when they all sing out loud- its just so mind blowing! just the words for Taurean people.

alwayz urs baby | Reviewer: christina | 6/28/09

Never heard a more beautiful song...its lyrics jus touch d soul so deep... wana dedicate every word of dis song to d person i love..coz he cud never be mine..n my firstlove failed but still i want him in my life an wana make him realise how much i love dat althoughi wil never tell him dat life but am still waiting for you babay...plzz plzz plzz be mine..i am in love wid d hatred u have for in love wid d ignorance show to in love wid ur rude words..but am in love wid u.

i love this song | Reviewer: claire leatherdale | 9/9/08

it's a great song it's one of those that you cant help but sing along to like all of the bsb songs and this one reminds me of my husband it's the song he played to me after we had a big fight once and to know that even tho he doesn't like bsb he search through their songs to find the perfect song to say sorry and i must say i was kissing and cuddleing him before the song had finished lol

What a Beautiful song. | Reviewer: Nicole | 10/30/07

what a beautiful and sad song. i love this song so much b/c it reminds me of my kitten Fluffy who looked like Gizmo in the movie Gremliens and she died on September 4, 2006- on labor day and i miss her so much b/c i do not have a picture of her. i miss her b/c of the way she used to sit in her box and look at me with those sad little eyes and ever since she died, her two sisters from the same litter (Tippy, my one year old gray kitten with white paws and white tip tail amd Checkers,A.K.A. Poohbear, a black and white kitten, also a year old) hasn't been in a box since.

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