Bachman-Turner Overdrive Albums

  • Bachman & Turner Album (9/7/2010)
    Rollin' Along
    That's What It Is
    Moonlight Rider
    Find Some Love
    Slave To The Rhythm
    Waiting Game
    I've Seen The Light
    Can't Go Back To Memphis
    Rock 'N Roll Is The Only Way Out
    Neutral Zone
    Traffic Jam
    Repo Man

  • Rock N' Roll Nights Album (3/1/1979)
    Rock N' Roll Nights

  • Street Action Album (2/1/1978)
    I'm In Love
    Down The Road
    A Long Time For A Little While
    Street Action
    You're Gonna Miss Me

  • Freeways Album (2/1/1977)
    Can We All Come Together
    Life Still Goes On (I'm Lonely)
    Shotgun Rider
    Just For You
    My Wheels Won't Turn
    Down, Down
    Easy Groove

  • Head On Album (12/1/1975)
  • Four Wheel Drive Album (5/1/1975)
  • Not Fragile Album (8/1/1974)
  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive II Album (12/1/1973)
  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive Album (5/1/1973)

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    Reviews about Bachman-Turner Overdrive albums
    The beginning of the end.... | Reviewer: Michael MacTavish
        ------ About the album Head On performed by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

    Being a 16 year old when this came out, I remember looking forward to it but found that it was kinda like listening to all the songs that didn't make the last couple of albums...It has held up pretty good in hind sight. But if this is your first listen to BTO there is a lot better to be heard on the earlier albums...

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