Babyshambles Lyrics

Baby Shambles (possibly an allusion to Jonathan Swift's
satiric essay, A Modest Proposal) refers to a set of
recordings by United Kingdom rock and roll band, The
Libertines, and to a separate band formed by singer and
guitarist, Pete Doherty.

* The Babyshambles Sessions is a set of songs recorded
by The Libertines while in New York. The singer and
guitarist Carl Barat left before completion of the tapes,
which were intended for the second album. Bassist John
Hassall also lent a hand, playing the bassline on one song,
The Man Who More...

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Review about Babyshambles songs
The Cat | Reviewer: Luise Windermere
    ------ About the song Minefield performed by Babyshambles

Carlos, the cat is getting his arse kicked in the song!

Although the song's been written by the Babshambles too, you can imagine which are Peter's:

"Where's your song that's not been sung?
Oh what's up, cat got your tongue?"

Yeah where' the perfect love song? B.U.R.M.A was probably too cheerful and since then it's all been just shallow water...


"I'm wondering when you'll come along
'Cause my mind is on the run"

yeah Carlos has to kick right back, 'cause Peter needs to get it kicked too!

Amazing | Reviewer: Leah
    ------ About the song Farmer's Daughter performed by Babyshambles

Petes well and truly back with this album. I absolutely love the new album and this songs is by far one of my favourites off it, his vocals are truly great, especially in the chorus

Awesome | Reviewer: Dick
    ------ About the song Un Bilo Titled performed by Babyshambles

First time I listened to this song I was hooked. With a luring sound and strong vocals, this song rocks. Bad Boy Pete seduces you, drags you along and the outcome is a strange but catchy song that has you feeling blue about relationships while that punchy chorus has you singing along.

A good idea... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song La Belle Et La Bete performed by Babyshambles

This was a definately a good concept, but badly executed. It had the makings of a catchy tune, and i feel the choice to include female vocals was a good one, however I don't think Kate Moss's voice stands up to much.

Absolute Genius | Reviewer: I LOVE PETE!
    ------ About the song Fuck Forever performed by Babyshambles

Pete is one of the last british ecentrics. He's actually got a view on things as well, not like all those other bands, who don't care about anything but the money. He has style plus fantastic music. All those people who don't even think about the music and just the drugs etc. should just listen to the words of the songs. Fuck Forever is a great track with amazing lyric. (Plus Pete has some interaction with his audience, unlike bigheads like Paul Weller who says nothing to his audience.)

Very honest. | Reviewer: Human Resourses
    ------ About the song Fuck Forever performed by Babyshambles

I think this is one of the best lyric that ever made in past these years.This is an enlightment and meaningful for people who just follow styles already made by someone or who want to represent new values to the world.That's actually difficult job to be really original and hit the world and get paid well.Babyshambles and Pete rule and they have thier own style for sure but I like the way that they are very honest and this lyric is written in very nice way.I feel it doesn't contain so much negative feelings, not like a teenage pessimistic crap and not like a ghostly hype musician who just make the shit stinks good.Personally, I love Music which people can enjoy dancing at club and help to make people happy and feel connected or share some good vibes but for music with lyric,the song says about universal issue as long as our society encourages rule of capitalism.That's why this song is impressive.

whiney bit**** | Reviewer: tom
    ------ About the song Beg Steal And Borrow performed by Babyshambles

Whilst pete has some undeniable talent, all you little pussies who go on about how he's such a genius and how clever he is, one question.

If he's so fucking clever why does he spend half his time high as a f***ing kite, and the other half faining an interest in music in order to get money to go get high.

I'm a fan, but of the early stuff and it makes me sad to see this man piss away the talent he has, but as for genius; Einstein was a genius, Shakespeare was a genius. Doherty, not so much.

My theme song.... | Reviewer: Bevelover
    ------ About the song Fuck Forever performed by Babyshambles

...because I work 12 hours a day, hard labor and some days this song is about all that makes sense after 25+ years of this bondage -- to my shattered brain. Drugs ain't the only thing that can fuck with yr head.

He really is something special | Reviewer: Icdiwy
    ------ About the song Beg Steal And Borrow performed by Babyshambles

I think this song and many of his other songs are just beyond everything else there is. Melodies and lyrics he can create are just brilliant and he has his own way of just performing from his heart.

And about drugs...well the only reason why I really hope he wouldn't do them anymore is that they'll kill you or turn your brains to porridge and I'd imagine it quite hard to be creative or talented in that situation.

lovely | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beg Steal And Borrow performed by Babyshambles

aahh! u should try to listen to the one thats acoustic live on j. ross show! its heavenly!!! aahhh, to hear real music again, and my god i hope he doesn't die any time soon, what with all the shite he's putting into himself..

i LOVE u Peter!!!!

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