Babyshambles Albums

  • Sequel To The Prequel Album (9/10/2013)
    Nothing Comes To Nothing
    New Pair
    Farmer's Daughter
    Fall From Grace
    Sequel To The Prequel
    Dr. No
    Picture Me In A Hospital
    Seven Shades
    Bonus Tracks
    The Very Last Boy Alive
    After Hours

  • Shotter's Nation Album (10/1/2007)
    Carry On Up The Morning
    You Talk
    Side Of The Road
    Crumb Begging Baghead
    Unstookie Titled
    French Dog Blues
    There She Goes
    Baddie's Boogie
    Deft Left Hand
    Lost Art Of Murder

  • The Blinding Album (12/4/2006)
    The Blinding
    Love You But You're Green
    I Wish
    Beg, Steal Or Borrow

  • Down In Albion Album (11/17/2005)
    La Belle Et La Bete
    Fuck Forever
    A Rebours
    32nd Of December
    Pipe Down
    Sticks & Stones
    Eight Dead Boys
    In Love With A Feeling
    Pentonville Rough
    What Katy Did Next
    Back From The Dead
    Loyalty Song
    Up The Morning
    Merry Go Round

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    Reviews about Babyshambles albums

    The best 'demo' you'll hear all year... | Reviewer: Blacky
        ------ About the album Down In Albion performed by Babyshambles

    Down In Albion, had it's release date pushed back and pushed back, and finally, it was in stores, it was quite obvious from the start that it was in no way going to emmulate anything that The Libertines ever did, but eitherway, Pete announced his return commercially with a deliberately disjointed album. A mixture of genres sweeps across the tracklist, and the quality ranges from absolutely stunning, to shockingly shite. This was always going to be, lyrically, a bitter album, Pete getting a chance to have a swipe at those who have tormented him recently, but he managed to stay clear of drug addictions and supermodels (barely). The album starts with La Belle et la Bete, with Kate Moss on backing vocals, and this is a terrible song, leaves you thinking, 'god this has got to get better' thankfully, it does. Fuck Forever is a superb 'up yours' to the world, Sticks and Stones a tremendous song, Killamangiro, Babyshambles 1st top 10 hit features also, but, without a doubt however, the ace of the pack is Albion, this masterpiece of an accousticlullaby reminds why we all fell in love with Pete in the first place. A potential 10 out of 10 album is drastically short of this due to the deliberate shambolism, but this is the best 'demo' you will hear all year. The album gives a look into the tragic life of a rock star who, in a world of cleancut pretty boybands, is just trying to do his won thing. Pete, we salute you.

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