Babylon Whores Albums

  • Cold Heaven Album (3/1/2002)
    Beyond The Sun
    Enchiridion For A Common Man
    In Arcadia Ego
    Babylon Astronaut
    Flesh Of A Swine
    Omega Therion

  • Death of the West Album (3/1/2002)
    Life Fades Away
    Hell Abloom
    Mother Of Serpents
    Lucibel (The Good Spirits of Europe)
    Dating With Witchcraft
    Death In Prague
    A Pale Horse Against Time

  • King Fear Album (2/15/2000)
    Errata Stigmata
    Radio Werewolf
    Hand Of Glory
    Skeleton Farm
    To Behold The Suns Below
    Exit Eden
    Sol Niger (v2)
    King Fear: Song For The Damned

  • Deggael Album (3/15/1998)
    Dog Star A
    Sol Niger
    Omega Therion
    Emerald Green
    Deggael: A Rat's God

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