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Babylon Whores Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 07:46:11 PM


"Death of the West" released in Finland in May, Central Europe in August. New guitarist Boa joins band. Scattered gigs in Finland during the Fall & Winter.


Started recording album number three in September. Guitarist Antti Lindell leaves band.


Shot video for Sol Niger with director Sami Käyhkö. Toured Finland with Lullacry and played some festival gigs.

Errata Stigmata single released in the US. (The song was also included in the movie "Ricky 6".)

North American tour supporting King Diamond w/ Shadows Fall and Deep in July-September.


Started recording King Fear in February. Guitarist Ewo leaves band. Signed to Necropolis Records. Antti Lindell joins the band as a live guitarist. Played some gigs in Finland.

"King Fear" released in November. Shot video on 8 mm film for Errata Stigmata with director Mea Culpa in December. Bassplayer Jake leaves the band just before the album release show in late December, is replaced by Daniel Stuka.


Drummer Pete Liha returns to replace Kouta. "Speeding through snow" tour with D-Ray and Absurdus.

The relationship with MFN begins choking bad. Deggael MCD released in June on a Finnish license by Spinefarm.

Misanthropy buys back the rights from MFN and release the mini in the Fall.

"Night of total Misanthropy" w/ Mayhem in Helsinki in October.

Play "Death Comes" in Lithuania without Ewo in the Winter.


Record "Cold Heaven" in January at Tico-Tico, Kemi. Sign to Misanhtropy/Heroine.

Shoot video for "In Arcadia Ego" with director Sami Käyhkö in the Spring.

"European Extravaganza" tour in Central Europe with Wish and Nattvinden's Gråt in May.

"Cold Heaven" CD is licensed to MFN and released in mid-July to critical acclaim. Record Deggael MCD in the Fall at Tico-Tico, Kemi.

"Hell's Rock'n Roll" tour in Finland with Unpure, Wizzard and Barathrum in the winter. Voted best newcomer 1997 in Finnish SFP mag and #10 in Terrorizer UK.


Record "Trismegistos" MCD in the Spring at MD Studios, Helsinki. Released on June 6.

"Methadon Slut" and a new version of "Third Eye", recorded some time in 1995 are released on compilations "Punk +" (K-Tel) and "Don't fuck with the Babysitter" (Maho-Pop).


Sloane 313 MCD released in the Spring. Drummer Pete Liha leaves the band for a long stint in Berlin w/ his other band. Is replaced by Kouta.

Tour with Xysma in Finland.

Guitarist Jussi Konttinen is replaced by Antti Litmanen.


Ike Vil forms Babylon Whores with Ewo Meichem in the Spring. Recruits Pete Liha on drums and Jussi Konttinen on guitar.

Rehearses for 8 times and goes to record "Devil's Meat 7" at Studio Equaliz, Helsinki. Jake Babylon joins later. 7" is released with a pressing of 100 Meat Lovers (w/ a bag of dog meat attached) and 200 vegetarian.

Record "Sloane 313" MCD in the Fall at Tarzan Studio, Helsinki. Both releases produced by the late Christopher Krogius and released on the self-financed Sugar Cult label.