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Singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur: Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds is one of the most gifted, popular and influential figures to emerge in pop music during the past two decades. Babyface has amassed a career total of over 100 million units in global sales with his work as a solo artist (over 10 million units) and as a writer/producer for Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Toni Braxton and Aretha Franklin, among others. His r駸um・of career achievements includes an unprecedented three consecutive Grammy Awards for Producer of the Year (in 1995, '96 and '97).

On November 14, 2000, Epic Records proudly presents Babyface: A Collection Of His Greatest Hits. This 14-track anthology includes eleven previously released recordings taken from such multi-platinum Babyface albums as Tender Lover (1989, double platinum and a No. 1 Billboard R&B album for 11 weeks), For The Cool In You (1993, triple platinum), and The Day (1996, double platinum). Six of these songs were Top Ten hits on the Billboard Pop and/or R&B Singles charts, including "It's No Crime" (No. 7 Pop/No. 1 R&B), "Whip Appeal" (No. 6 Pop/No. 2 R&B), "Every Time I Close My Eyes" (No. 6 Pop/No. 5 R&B), and "When Can I See You" (No. 4 Pop/No. 6 R&B). (See next page for complete track listing.)

Greatest Hits also features three brand-new Babyface recordings. "Reason For Breathing," co-written by Babyface and songwriter/recording artist Joe, is the album's first radio track. In a rare instance of cross-label collaboration, "Reason For Breathing" will be promoted to radio by the joint staffs of Epic Records and Arista Records-where Babyface has just signed a new long-term recording agreement. "When Men Grow Old," the second new recording, was written and produced by Babyface. "Change The World" is the artist's duet with Eric Clapton, originally performed on Babyface's MTV Unplugged show, and now for the first time on record.

As a companion to Greatest Hits, on 12/5/00 Epic will release a new DVD entitled Babyface: A Collection Of Videos. This anthology of thirteen Babyface music videos includes his classic clips for "Tender Lover," "Whip Appeal," "How Come, How Long," "When Can I See You," and "This Is For The Lover In You."

"I think any artist who is fortunate enough to enjoy the longevity it takes to compile a collection of greatest hits is blessed, and I count myself to be one of the lucky ones," said Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. "This Greatest Hits CD closes an important chapter in my career, and I feel tremendously indebted to Tommy Mottola, Dave Glew, Polly Anthony and the entire Epic family for their unwavering commitment to my artistry over the past decade."

"Babyface is one of those rare artists who is truly multi-talented," said Polly Anthony, President of the Epic Records Group. "This collection is a superb overview of an incredible career."

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OMG!! This song took me way back yesterday | Reviewer: BabeGirl | 11/22/11

I was sitting in the 5pm rush hour traffic and the song Babyface produced for the Mac Band (Roses are Red) came on and I was like that's the funk from back in the day 1988. I truly miss the sounds of real music.

Mr Edmonds | Reviewer: george | 2/18/10

babyf is the who give me power to do everything in life,my favourite songs are when ur body gets weak,everytime i close my eyes,reason for breathing,seven seas,fire,simple matter what happens,i will forever be your big're 1 in a million Mr.Edmonds

babyface is the real man | Reviewer: zanele mpaketsane | 3/7/08

im 19 years old and i,ve started listening to his music in 1999 i was 11 years old,my favourite songs are when ur body gets weak,everytime i close my eyes,reason for breathing,seven seas,fire,simple matter what happens,i will forever be your big're 1 in a million Mr.Edmonds

Lyrics that dont lose meaning | Reviewer: Londiwe | 8/7/07

U trully are a blessing to the millions who love and enjoy your music.Being only 18,my favourite song being `The Day`.There is no greater honor than 2 have a father who will feel soo much love and affection towards their child-without of course, overlooking the gratefulness to the mother of your child.We love and respect your input in the entertainment industry as you mold and nurture talents with great depth and connection to the soul.

:]] | Reviewer: lizzie | 7/2/07

i love this song.
i love the beat and the lyrics. they are really really. hehe im listening to it right now:P
when is his new album coming out?? it is grown and sexy?? well i want it:]

Babyface, today's greatest... | Reviewer: Paul Wells | 5/9/07

My first and most enduring music inspiration (since 1989 when he first became a success), Babyface just continues to simply overwhelm me with his superior artistry. I've tried to collect all of his works, from his greatest (Bobby Brown, Karyn White, After 7, Toni Braxton, Pebbles, The Wisphers, El DeBarge, New Edition [as solo artists] and of course TLC and Boyz II Men), to his less appreciated (Sheena Easton, Shalamar, Dynasty, The Jacksons and Jermaine Jackson, Damian Dame, The Deele, The Boys, and a few others. His ingenious sounds have inadverdantly become part of my repetorial style. I am a songwriter myself and even with the sound of today music being what it is, there will always be room for the signature cool that is Babyface. Very few have such a track record. All the awards, the platinum hits; I looked forward every year in the 90's to Babyface songs to be released. I bought everything I knew that he worked on. It is a shame that I have not as of yet seen him in concert. He's given us all songs to sing and dreams to dream. Thank you, Mr. Edmonds.


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