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Jennifer Lopez Baby I Love U Lyrics

Last updated: 05/29/2011 11:00:00 AM

Boy I never knew I could feel
The way I felt, when I felt the way
You were feeling me baby
I'm so out of control, Yeah

Every time you look my way
I realize more and more
How much I adore those pretty eyes
Of yours, I'm helpless baby

What I wanna know is
Are you willing to try?
Can you love me for a lifetime
In just one night?

Baby I love you (love you)
Baby I need you (need you)
I gotta have you (I gotta have you babe)
Can't be without you (be without you)


Blessed and cursed on the same day,
The day that I first felt the power of you
Inside of me, such a strong feeling,
There comes a time in everyone's life
When you know, and everyone around you knows
That everything is changed,
You're not the same, It's a new day

Oh what I wanna know is,
Are you willing to try
There's gotta be more meaning to this
Than what meets the eye

Baby I love you (baby i need you).........(2nd time: yeah yeah!)
Baby I need you (gotta have you baby).........(2nd time:i gotta have you!)
I gotta have you (can't be without you).........(2nd time:yeah yeah yeah!)
Can't be without you (baby i love you)


Oh, I love the way you kiss me
Oh, baby please
I'm about to lose my mind
Oh talk to me, 'cause I'm begging for you
And I'm down on my knees
Baby, I know you're the one that I need

Baby I love you
You know I need you
I gotta have you
Can't be without you


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i need an ipad | Reviewer: eviers | 5/26/11

Great song ...cant stop singing it...I need an ipad 2 because its the most important thing to me and i dont even have have if anyone wants to buy me an ipad 2 just email me everything.... thanx to all the kind harted people how can find it in thear hart to get me an ipad2 thanx.... i love you my email is

??? | Reviewer: Lynnstarr | 12/31/07

lmao, Jennifer Lopez aint ugly, you Jealous bitch..

well i like this song since i was little, cant even remember my age.

UGLY HOE | Reviewer: yesy | 10/25/07

ur such an ugly whore! I tink ur awful i should be the one singing that song u stilled it from me since im black race nd sing better! hahahaa

u need help me please?????? | Reviewer: gerald frere | 9/15/07

ok cuz my gal madd at me , my fault , i tell her family talk bad her she got hurt hreat and she leave me i feelin hurt , we still love for 4 year almost we get marry this year...

baby i luv u | Reviewer: fer | 9/2/07

yeah, i wish i could send this song to the guy i love. I hope someday ill send it to him, it makes me very emotional, makes me wanna b with him right now.

luv this song!

how can a song express feelings so clearly? | Reviewer: ria | 8/10/07

this song is so brilliant that i cant put it into words like my feelings for a guy but he doesnt know and i love him so much and i need him but i know its neva gonna happen and weneva i listen t this song i just cant help myself frm crying...jlo is a great singer i love her thanx for this song even though it makes me very emotional and hurts me inside that the fact the one i love for life dont love me back :'(

i love this song! | Reviewer: Lydia Clare | 7/1/07

as am writing now, I just sent this song to the one i love cause the words of this song say it all. it expresses how I feel for this guy.
the most important is that J.lo is my favorite singer since 7 years now and no matter what they say about her, nothing absolutely nothing can't stop me from loving her like I do. i love everything about her. I LOVE YOU,JLO!

Love Sick | Reviewer: J Lo | 9/16/05

when i broke up with my ur song came on the telly and i just cryed and i hate the song ever since thanks a million Jennifer Lopez

baby i love you | Reviewer: Fulufhedzani | 8/3/05

i love this song coz it makes me feel so happy and i like the message of the song.keep it up J -lo

baby i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/05

i love your song its the best its so talented and brilliant