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Celine Dion Baby Close Your Eyes Lyrics

Last updated: 02/01/2007 10:00:00 AM

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Baby Close Your Eyes

Sun is creeping down
Behind the hill
Everything is calm
Everything is still

So baby close your eyes
And rest your weary mind
Let me hold you close I'll sing you this lullaby

Let your worries go
You'll fall asleep
Think of nothing more
Memories will keep

Your dreams will turn to gold
And you will wake and find
Then you'll hold a smile all day from this lullaby

Maybe somewhere in the silence
You will wake and you're all alone
Just call and I'll be there

Even when I'm gone
Each day will end
So I'll say 'goodnight'
'Til we meet again

Now baby close your eyes
And rest your weary mind
I'll let you know the joy you bring
Every time you hear me sing you this lullaby

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