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Baby Bash does not consider himself a rapper. “I’m more of a spitter,” he offers. “I might rap, I might sing, I might make some funny noises. I don’t try to freestyle (spontaneous rhyming) and battle everybody. I just try to make something that’ll stick to the ribs.”

Don't let the name or his baby-face fool you. Baby Bash, the next big thing from Houston’s ever growing Latino Rap scene, is poised and ready to cross over to mainstream stardom with the smash single, "Suga Suga" from his new album, The Smokin’ Nephew. Happy Perez, whose credits include hits for southern clientele including Master P and Mystikal, produced the entire album.

Baby Bash and Happy Perez’s chemistry in the studio has resulted in a sonically pleasing blend of thumping hip-hop beats, addictive grooves and melody. “Happy P is the dopest producer ever,” adds Bash. “Our formula is the beats go on and I swear to God, the beats tell me how to say it and what to say. It sets the mood. Happy puts [on] a lot of good melodies, a lot of good music…real music. He plays live bass and live guitar. I can go to a gangster low rider show and do hardcore rap songs, hop on the plane the next day go to an all American college and do my alternative, folk type rap, then go to a Ja Rule, Mary J. Blige [type] show, and do some mainstream R&B. I’m like a chameleon, I adapt to wherever I’m at.”

Bash (alternately called Bash and Beesh by fans) is originally from Vallejo, CA, part of Cali’s “Bay Area.” He got his start in the groups Potna Deuce and Latino Velvet (which consisted of Kid Frost and Jay Tee of legendary Chicano rap group N2Deep). He was drawn to Houston after being exposed to its emerging Latin Rap scene by his work with South Park Mexican. “I did some songs with SPM and it started blowing up,” explains Bash. “He had shows every weekend. I was going back and forth and I figured I might as well stay out there.” He jokingly adds, “Plus, California’s rent was going up like skyscrapers.”

High on life, amongst other things, Bash cites musical influences ranging from hometown rap favorites like E-40, Mac Dre and Too Short, funk idols like Con Funk Shun and Sly & the Family Stone, down to Steel Pulse and even Tom Petty. “My uncles they were all homeboys. I grew up on a lot of oldies.” Bash's eclectic taste explains why "Suga Suga" is such a sultry mix of soothing and funky vocals over an intoxicating baseline. But, Bash himself rhetorically asks: “You got some great rappers that are hard as fuck and vicious but can they write a hit?” Baby Bash can and “Suga Suga” isn’t the only Ace in his hand.

Tracks like the Crunk-dafied “Yeh Suh!,” the sensual “Sexy Eyes” or the sexcapade tales over playful guitar plucks of “Early in the Morning” not only showcase his flair for creating memorable songs but also his musical diversity. From the West Coast to Texas, the self-proclaimed “Latino Deniro” is here to make his mark, with style and substance. The beats are hot, but Baby Bash tries to really say something with his jams.

Baby Bash has been through some hard times. His Mexican mother and Anglo father weren’t really around much in his youth. “My parents were in prison while I grew up,” says Bash. “So my Grandma Fuarez, raised me. I was always with my Latin side of the family.” Though he missed the influence of his parents in his life, he was a self-motivated artist. The fact that Baby Bash is still recording after all these years (The Smokin’ Nephew is his third solo album to date) is a testament to his drive and determination.

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cougar in the making | Reviewer: margie castaneda | 7/26/13

Well I'm 50 and love baby bash have been ever since my son got me into his music cuz my son was into underground music spm was his favorite I know baby bash is way too young but its a dream nut I do love everything about him and always will please keep it going baby bash me and my daughters even stayed in line for hours in Fresno ca just to get pic with baby bash and one time in Fresno he touched my hand he signed my cd love you ronnie

ilove you babby bash | Reviewer: j-beezy the-man | 6/2/12

baby bash yur so sexy and hot that my mouth waters just seeing you on the videos makes my mouth water i love all your music and your buff hot body it has always been my dream to suck you and give you head i hope you read this and want to fuck me.

Keep Moving Forward and Make us even more Proud :) | Reviewer: Mari R. | 11/20/10

Wow. I truly admire you Baby Bash. Even with so much suffering in your life, you managed to show all other people your determination and talent. Your life is quite similar to that of my closest friend... He has plenty of talent, but sometimes he feels conflicted with what he wants to be. Baby Bash, you're the bomb bro and keep on making music.

u be mah sexxi boy!!!!!! | Reviewer: lexie | 6/8/10

damm ur so fine!!!![= just wanted to say ilove u n ur music..ur mah favorite artist hope u can come to vista again...u looked so damm sexxy when u sang at vista high(:love those sexy this sexxi guy ur the number one in mah heart!!!!!!<33 u!=]

wanna know more about baby... baby bash and the dance | Reviewer: monserrat | 6/6/10

favorite artist i fall in love the first time i saw you .......nice music nice eyes nice body dance it like a cyclone you should make a video.. of you we wanna know more about you and da dance how friends you guys are??? myspace

Sexy Eyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

hey just thought id tell you that your my favorite aritist of all time. My girls and I listen to your music everday. keep it up so we have somethin to dance to. You Should try comin out to Riverton, Wyoming One of theses Times. much LUV Baby Bash........

Baby Bash...the only one!! | Reviewer: Konstantina | 6/8/09

Baby Bash im your no1 fun.U r the best singer i ever met.U have a superb voice.I love u soooo soooo sooo much!!!I like all your songs but the best is cyclone.U r so sexy and i like your eyes and yuor style.U r my idol!I wanna meet u and be your girlfriend...but it's impossible to be truth.But im crazy for u....!!!!U r the no1 in my heart....

~~~~I luv u Baby Bash~~~~ | Reviewer: Arianna | 5/28/08

Hey Baby Bash itz da badest ninia around! I luv ur sexy eyez! I alwayz listen to ur music! Its da best music around, I can't make myself listen to anyother singer except for U! I luv u, ur sexy eyez, and ur hot music! I am ur biggest fan!
with lotz of luvluv da badest shawty around

So diverse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

I don't want to mention how sexy your eyes are since so many others already have; and i don't want to mention how amazing it is how u have kept going to bring all of us a voice and singing that we can just melt, i want to mention how i love the fact that you have such a wide variety of influences and how they help u bring out the best that we can posibly hear in the songs that u sing.

tejana | Reviewer: Belia | 1/29/08

I would like to say that I really love being a latina, having a beautiful latino artist to represent our people, and to know that even though you had a rough life you've succeeded and still going strong .and also a papito chulo
peace and take care

A LONG WAY | Reviewer: jamie | 1/22/08

I enjoy his songs alot, he has sexy eyes and the best part is that even though his parents were in prison he still made it to where he is today and that is good, he is a awsome musician and i look forward to buy more cd's of his music in the near future.

hes my baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: sarah | 12/31/07

dear babybash i luv u your so fine i am sure your #1 fan i have all ur cds i have ur picture on my walls of my room!!!! i went to go see u at the phx state fair o.m.g. i want u to marry me please can you im gonna be a model lets see if i get to dance wit you!!!!!iluv uuu !!! cum to phx as soon as possible please

I love u sexy eys | Reviewer: Edmaly | 11/5/07

I just need 2 say that ur a special singer in my hearth and have ur music went to c u at carambas in the coachella valley hope u come back very soon and have a concert will defenetly go and I love ur sexy eyes song and ur sexy eyes love u and thanks 4 coming to the desert hope to c u soon

damn u r soooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: alysha p. | 11/5/07

i luv u. ur sexy uu the best singer i'll ever find in all my life!I wish i could say im ur #1 fan but theres probly millions of people that love and adore u as much as i do. my fave songs r cyclone-baby im back-suga suga-shorty doo wop-mamacita-oh forget it all of them. i wish i could meet u sooo much and if i ever doo ill try to as calm as usual. please get bak 2 me!!
-Alysha P.

Ronnie Ray | Reviewer: candice | 10/31/07

Hey,Ronnie ray your beats are one of a kind, never stop what your doing papi, you are a gifted artist and you are truly talented take care and keep bringin those beats and yeah you know your sexy as hell dont got to say it twice

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