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Baby AKA The #1 Stunna Biography

Last updated: 01/16/2003 08:15:01 PM

New Orleans hip-hop has its own unique flavor steeped in the city's rich musical tradition. It blends both the traditional sounds and styles of jazz, second-line (a form of Brass jazz played at funerals), zydeco, and a smattering of gospel with more modern sounds of funk, old school hip-hop, dancehall reggae and New Orleans' bounce music. Add to that a milky pimp-like flow spiced with New Orleans' distinct drawl and street slang and what Brian "Baby" Williams. In 1992, "Baby" and his enterprising brother Ron "Sugar Slim" Williams started their own label Cash Money Records and launched several successful underground rap acts such as the Hot Boys, Juvenile, UNLV and B.G. The Baby Gangsta. Around the time that the brothers started Cash Money, Baby met Mannie Fresh when they ran into each other at a mutual friend's house. "When I found out that Baby did music, I thought 'maybe we can work together and pull something off' and it's been all gravy since then," says Mannie, whose early group Gregory D and Mannie Fresh was a major part of New Orleans' old school hip-hop.

The result of their collaboration was the BigTymer's 1998 debut album How U Luv That, an album that literally rocked the South and Midwest selling over 100,000 units without the benefit of major radio or video airplay. How U Luv That is now being re-released nationally with nine brand new songs. Produced by the irrepressible Mannie Fresh, How U Luv That offers the listener a serious dose of live instrumentation, tight beats, bubbling basslines and sparkling keyboards. Included in this revised set is the banging new single "Stun'n," a powerful up-tempo track; the beat intensive "Tear It Up" featuring the Hot Boyz; and the blazing title track, which along with the rest of the album is bound to get heads open to a new flavor coming out of New Orleans.

The latest album "Birdman" sold over 10,000 copies in the first week. The great album was produce by the one and only Mannie Fresh. The two hot smashing hits "Do That..." and "What Happen to..." are on the new album.

Thanks to Crystal for submitting the biography.