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The Blue Dogs Baby's Coming Home Lyrics

Last updated: 03/19/2004 10:36:40 PM

Sunrise in Richmond
With a smile that ain't me own
Mornin comes, I always realize
That the things that seem to matter
Don't seem to matter long
Cause my baby she's coming home tonight

Strugglin without her
Underneath a cloud
But holding her our love will fly
I want to hold her now

Cause I try when the days are going wrong
And I hide when the nights are oh so long
But I fly when my baby's here at home
And tonight my baby's coming home

Like a marble in a mason jar
I rattle around this house
I can't wait till my baby's rollin in
When she arrives our love will rise
Up above the clouds
Flyin high and hope it never ends

Strugglin without her
Through the daily grind
But holding her our love is fly
I want to hold her now


Yes, tonight my baby's coming at home
Oh, tonight my baby's here at home
Thanks to Kyle Clayton for submitting Baby's Coming Home Lyrics.