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Barbra Streisand BY THE WAY Lyrics

Last updated: 01/30/2014 06:43:21 PM

By the way did I hear you say
If some night I seem too lonely
You would stay
Oh and by the way
Have I told you yet that only recently
He moved out on me
Took the towels we stole
From some motel in Tennessee
He was gone long before he really left
I KNOW it ...
By the way he began to say:
Love takes time, I’m in a hurry
Anyway that’s all yesterday
Let’s get back to us
Why worry?
If HE'LL try calling by and by...
Oh, and by the way, I thought I mentioned
You CAN stay...
'NEATH the lights
You don’t look a thing like he did
And it’s time to play
It’s another day
Why can’t we make love fall
By the way?
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