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Last updated: 08/14/2001 02:48:45 AM

Hey woman hey you you do you know why I hate you baby?
Because you make make me hate you baby
You maladjusted little monkey you

I hate you with a passion you know I do baby
You know why I hate you baby?
Because you make me make me
The bastard had a birthday
Had a power drill
Stone built renovate stone blast screw it up
Too ill, you it's up to you baby
I'm coming

Hey bug-bug-bug-bug-buggerlugs
You cranky mare and short-arsed no no no
I'm coming
Firm guitar

Hey the bastard's had it
But there no how a power drill
Dog bark renovate stone blast do it up do it
With BTO

I'll do make grub tissues ray way
Seep to sleep
The drill scaffold starts
Power drill dog bark renovate stone blast
Screw it up to do it
I'm coming
Because you make me hate you baby

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