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B5 is a soulful band of brothers made up of Dustin, Kelly,
Patrick, Carnell and Bryan Breeding. Their self-titled
debut album is hitting shelves on July 19, 2005. Check out
my interview with the guys who are being called the next
generation's Jackson More...

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Review about B5 songs
Not the song i was looking for | Reviewer: BOOM
    ------ About the song Boom Boom Boom performed by B5

this isn't the song i was after the song i was after went like this I'M SO GOOD WHEN I GO BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was like LOL te first time i heard this song and i am sure alot of people are thinking the same thing

the end of b5 | Reviewer: luanna
    ------ About the song All I Do performed by B5

b5 has changed sense they first started.....i kno im super late and all but i seen them in some pics and theyre whole syle had changed.....they ended in 2010....they got sooo ugly yall...they thought they had mad dog swag but really they look like sweaty dogs on real talk...they were super cute at first and then they just vanished into ugly muts...its sad to see them go but i guess it was their time to go cuz they been in the industry for like 4 yrs.

fine boyzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jamiya
    ------ About the song All I Do performed by B5

b5 this is trinity and i am one of your biggest fans and i am tha one that went to you and your brothers concert u had me screamin because i was so happy on that day and i no all of ur brothers name bryan,carnell,patrick,dustin,and kelly and i always listen to yall songs i just got finished listen to yall song all i do and i also have yall cd.

OMG!!! | Reviewer: Jada
    ------ About the song Dry Your Eyes performed by B5

I love this song, I cry everytime I hear it. Even though this song is kind of old, it is my favorite song. Everytime I hear this song it feels like yall are singing the song to me. I want to give yall a huge thanx for this song. (Dry Your Eyes)******

My big boys | Reviewer: Kanija Hill
    ------ About the song Tear Drops performed by B5

i love these fine boys and their songs.Carnell is the finest,sexiest, and prettiest.Although Ilove all of them carnell is the finest.Teardrops is my favorite song.I listen to it all the time.I wish yall luck and I love yall. "kisses and huges"

hot sexy fine | Reviewer: kelly bryant
    ------ About the song Rockstar performed by B5

this song definetly shows how mature the boys have gotten i would like to say that yall have some skill and you dont alwas need profanity i love how this is a hidden track that way my mom wont get mad kelly is hot sexy foin bryan too and dustin is hottttttttt patrick yep and cnelly foinnnnnnnnnnn i am a B5 LOVER 4 LIFE I LOVE THEM 2 DEATH


love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: chandra
    ------ About the song Tear Drops performed by B5

love you guys scince i heard you and i have evry song and album of you scince the first day they came out i luv this song cuz it kinda hapend 2 me and i felt like you knew my pain and i luv you bryan i have been to over 30 concerts that you have been in i luve you

questions? | Reviewer: mai'ana
    ------ About the song No One Else performed by B5

can kelly sing you dont here him unless he is raping and clm my bff those mesages in mai or 'ana was a dead give away always she cant here bryan and then she loves this song cuz she can here him and is this realy acapella or was it recorded with music and then striped kelly sing and rap out your soul be a poet i love you

is this the message of this song | Reviewer: 'Ana
    ------ About the song Tear Drops performed by B5

i'm not trying to be mean but you made a poor choice and i am tierd of you crying and your the one for me not him and he never really loved you i'm here. then the rap is baby look at me i'm so sick of wiping tears from you and you luv me but your with him and it makes me think cuz the phone calls and emals i gave and what you said and at night your lonly are you for real or are you messing with my head so should i stay with you or go i want to be with you so how will it be decided he treats you wrong but you love my kiss it is time you stop playing i pray you are not blind in what he is and how much better i am cuz real love is a 1 in a million chance do you do you want to shine with me cuz i done waiting it is time to choose. im now done if any one reads this can you tell me cuz i just keep geting difrent messages and they basiclyu have the same meaning he doesnt care about you but i do 1,000,000% . is that right ps i love kelly i know that if you put the song on a sansa the song is 3min and 26 sec long 3:26 and kelly comes in at 2:05 and he ends at 2:35 and the song has 51 seconds left on the song. kelly i love you and my best friend chandra initials clm loves bryan and his birthday is on our 6th grade teachers 10-16

i luv this song | Reviewer: mai
    ------ About the song Tear Drops performed by B5

this is my favorite song out of the whole album but i have other favorites like no one else things i would do tear drops and all over again i have loved your musuc scince i heard of you guys byan my bff loves you give her a call she gors to evry concert you have withen the east coast kelly i luv you you is so fine con i make you mine i luv your rapping it is hot carnell your lips look so lucious and your voice is so amazing patrick i luv your eyes and voice dustin i loved you in rockstar and i luv your autograph boys keep up the good work and never ever ever never never go solo you can be featured on other songs but dont go solo

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