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In 2002, B2K incited riots at New York City's Planet
Hollywood, scored platinum album sales with their
self-titled debut and hooked the nation with their number
one hit, "Uh Huh." Nearly a year later, the L.A.-based
foursome -Omarion, 18, J Boog, 17, Raz B, 17, and Lil Fizz,
17-is proving lightening can strike twice with their fierce
follow-up CD, pandemonium! "It all came together," says Lil
Fizz of B2K's latest effort, while Omarion describes the
collection as "magical."

The pandemonium! sessions began earlier this year while More...

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    ------ About the song Girlfriend performed by B2K


I miss B2k | Reviewer: breanna nelson aka mz jarrell
    ------ About the song Gots Ta Be performed by B2K

I miss u b2k ..every time i listen to your songs i strt crying especially everything ..its just bring back so many memories with lil fizz rappin nd omari singing nd jarrell background singing .i wish yall could at least hve a reunion nd get things straightened out i know what happened between that chris stokes situation nd raz b nd marques houston .all yu hve to do is pray ..nd it will be okay ...love yu fizz,jarrell omari ..nd raz

random | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Badaboom performed by B2K

this movie is awsome i love it but i have a few songs of my own that i wanted to be on the soudtrack and if either one of u guys want to hear me sing these songs to you hit me up at 605-461-1666 ight and ask for jose ight well i got to go deuces

omg y | Reviewer: van-lou
    ------ About the song Bump, Bump, Bump performed by B2K

ok b2k when i was 4 years old i always listen to yall my cousin was in love with raz-b my sister love lil fizz my other sister love omorion and i loved j-boog so y yall have to split up that dont mean we split up lol but my dad raps with j-boog so yyuupp ily u guys my e-mail princess177716@yahoo.com myspace is savannah-george i am a black girl with flowers in the back my aim is vannalou6344 add meh on all

choclate fantay | Reviewer: lil mims
    ------ About the song Fantasy performed by B2K

I'm usually known for makin the gurls shake
Fine stuff, you know a real heartbreak
Mature fifteen with figures seven and eight
Gurls wishin I was their man to floss me on dates
Let B2K in the game, ya'll made a mistake
Its a lockout, all you other groups must wait
Take it how I give it, give it how I take it
Me above you and don't you eva mistake it was a fantsy that i was little brother foe the hood bein luv'ed like a grown ass men bein sugged brick squad rite dere rite besides me wen eva im in a battle there's she go im keep seein hea she gat tha shake shake'ie shes a bout every thing shes my chocalte princess i dream bout hea every thing wish she cud be with me my choclate fantasty

What A Girl Wants | Reviewer: tiara brooks
    ------ About the song What A Girl Wants performed by B2K

hi B2K, my name is Tiara, and im a capricorn. and i know what a boy wants! i really do love this song, and i also love B2K!! if i had to put them in order it would be J-Boog, Lil Fizz, Raz-B, than Omarion. I LOVE U B2K!! :)

Message of french for Omarion Ishamel Grandberry | Reviewer: Caroline (Karo)
    ------ About the song Uh Huh performed by B2K

Hey Hey !!! Hi Omari ! I'm a fan frensh (Girl! lol). My name's Caroline "alias" Karo ! I'm 15, I live in France in Lyon and I love you're music! It's so fun !!!! I like that ! and you are the beeeeesssstttt!!!!!!!!!!! For the first a watch "you got served" and it's fantastic like steppin', step up 1 and 2! the dances are magics! I'm in a dance school, I do of Hip Hop! and when I watched the video "you got served" I dance with you later my TV! LOL but I'm good dancer NO! GOOOOOD GOOOOD dancer of Hip Hop !!!! like you! lol It's fantasic because I'm 15. When i was young (10 or 11) I dance only one in my bedroom or in my videos room ( room of cinema)! It's so cool I like that! I will like that you send a message for me in English or French ! lol you know speak a little in French ? :p I will like that we are friend like this . Like this, we can echang conversations! Good !
Kiss Omari !
Karo ! or Caroline!!!

wedding or love in live | Reviewer: simon
    ------ About the song Last Boyfriend performed by B2K

i thing that the song was give me more thing about my girlfriend in somewhere can reach but i allow thing about her and everyday i see live changing also give me a loan if you can send full DVD play happy new year have nice day go no am sing from Kenya but am underground am try coming up slow

loving somebody | Reviewer: simon
    ------ About the song Why I Love You performed by B2K

i am side what am thing that'love you' the show that making love to somebody how now or don't now i see many thing going in the world people are going bad because of relationships are making people crazy,about one thing that making so many thing in the relation.poeple say all 'goes around came around' but me i love somebody more agian more: the song put people together as one meking famliy as you see.my number hpone 0725652798 if you call me ok thank you taking word

thats the reason why i love you | Reviewer: deborah
    ------ About the song Why I Love You performed by B2K

this song is very touching, its beautiful. i love it soo much. it shows how love can blind everything and aim at one thing.all the crazy things i do your still here. i love B2k. that the reason i love them. they the best

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