B2K Albums

  • B2K Presents: You Got Served Album (12/23/2003)
    Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)
    Can I Get It Back
    Do That Thing
    Fizzo Got Flow
    Out The Hood
    Smellz Like a Party
    Streets Is Callin
    Take It to the Floor
    The One

  • Pandemonium Album (12/10/2002)
    Bump, Bump, Bump
    You Can Get It
    One Kiss
    My Girl
    Would You Be Here
    Back It Up
    Where Did We Go Wrong
    Pretty Young Thing
    I Beat You To It (Turn The Party Out)
    The Other Guy
    Boys For Life
    What U Get

  • Santa Hooked Me Up Album (10/29/2002)
    Santa Hooked Me Up
    Rain & Snow
    Jingle Bells
    Sexy Boy Christmas
    Everyone's Home For Christmas
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas
    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
    My First Christmas
    Santa Baby
    B2K Introduces Jhene
    Why I Love You

  • B2K Album (3/12/2002)
    Gots Ta Be
    Why I Love You
    Uh Huh
    B2K Is Hot Skit
    B2K is Hot
    I'm Not Finished
    Come On
    Hey Little Lady Interlude
    Hey Little Lady
    Baby Girl
    Your Girl Chose Me
    Feel This Way
    Last Boyfriend
    Here We Go Again

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    Reviews about B2K albums
    Please Come Back | Reviewer: Dajonik
        ------ About the album B2K performed by B2K

    I remember at the end of boys for life, Omarion said "We here to stay". What happened? And one thing that most girls want is for you guys to come back. Your fans still love you and we miss you so much. PLEASE COME BACK.

    Even though ya'll not together | Reviewer: Dajonik
        ------ About the album B2K performed by B2K

    I don't care if ya'll are not together as a group anymore. Ya'll are still my favorite group. All your albums still make me dance. I wish you were still together. I really miss you. B2K IS HOT!

    the greatest of all in hip hop | Reviewer: raheal cleland
        ------ About the album B2K performed by B2K

    b2k u are the real men in hip hop and keep the good work up u guys are just doing going agreat job and it will be a sucessful work by the grace of GOD.i am from Ghana in west africa

    the best i have ever know | Reviewer: raheal
        ------ About the album B2K Presents: You Got Served performed by B2K

    i love b2k and i just want to tell them they are doing aa great job so they should keep it up and God will also bless them and their work becos they are really making the hip hop area freeky

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