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In 2002, B2K incited riots at New York City's Planet Hollywood, scored platinum album sales with their self-titled debut and hooked the nation with their number one hit, "Uh Huh." Nearly a year later, the L.A.-based foursome -Omarion, 18, J Boog, 17, Raz B, 17, and Lil Fizz, 17-is proving lightening can strike twice with their fierce follow-up CD, pandemonium! "It all came together," says Lil Fizz of B2K's latest effort, while Omarion describes the collection as "magical."

The pandemonium! sessions began earlier this year while B2K was on the Scream 2 Tour and the resulting songs reveal a more personal side to B2K. "We just set our minds to getting it out for our fans in time for the Holidays," says Lil Fizz. Mission accomplished. Besides achieving their lofty goal, B2K delivered "Bump, Bump, Bump," a stellar duet alongside renowned rapper P. Diddy. The Top 10 tune, about cozying up on the dance floor, was written and produced by super-hitmaker R. Kelly (Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton). Plus, B2K lured plenty of influential producers, including Tricky Stewart (Mya), Lil' Steve Russell (3LW), Troy Taylor (Mary J. Blige), and Platinum Status (Destiny's Child). "We wanted to keep a consistent sound with the few producers we did use," explains Omarion. "They knew our voices so this album really feels like it's us." Teaming up with P. Diddy also proved to be a rewarding experience. "We bonded with Puffy at the video shoot," says Omarion. "He's really funny and he has a lot of energy," agrees Lil Fizz. "He's just a great guy."

But the famed hip-hopper wasn't the only hotshot to make an appearance on pandemonium! B2K also invited fourteen-year-old newcomer Jhene, Lil Fizz's cousin, to lay down vocals on two songs. "She has a beautiful voice," says Lil Fizz, proudly. "She dances and she's really energetic too." He's not the only one who thinks so. The talented teen will release her first disc on Epic Records in February before hitting the road with B2K in the spring. So what can fans expect from the family affair? Says Raz B: "The stage and the props are going to be a lot bigger. It's going to be a longer show and we're going to spend a lot more money." Plus, count on plenty of pyrotechnics----even more than last summer's sold-out Scream 2 Tour with co-headliner Bow Wow. "The arena tour is the Big Kahuna," he promises. "Fans demand more so we're going to give them more."

That goes for the entire pandemonium! experience. The pandemonium! LP features five different album covers, including limited edition, individually signed covers of each band member, as well as two bonus tracks. Besides releasing two DVDs, a Christmas album, and a remix album of their first CD, B2K penned ten of the 16 tracks on their new disc and drew inspiration from their devotees. "The title came from our fans," says Lil Fizz, with a laugh. "They're always banging on windows or shutting down malls. It really has been pandemonium."

But it's an experience that the guys wouldn't trade for the world. "Our fans made it possible for us to come this far," says Omarion. "That's an accomplishment, for real." But B2K's fans aren't the only ones who have recognized the group's talent. Since releasing their debut in early 2002, the group has been nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, two American Music Awards and won BET's coveted Viewer's Choice award. In addition, they were voted "Best Group" by the editors of Vibe magazine as part of their annual "Vibe of the Year Awards," and received a Billboard Music Award for having the "biggest selling R&B single of the year".

"Everything is looking really positive right now," says Omarion, confidently looking toward the future. "We just want to keep it moving and be successful and have a third album."

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Seeing u guys back | Reviewer: Big punisher | 12/13/11

B2k,i'm one of your fans out there and i wish i could see u guys singing together again because something always remind me of your music.any misunderstanding that is between u guys try to solve it amicably because u still my number1.when i heard that u had splitted,i could not believe it until omarion's album out and i think omarion is the oldest,he should be able to make u come back and reconcile so please do that.i'm waiting for u guys.

please do dis please | Reviewer: T.T | 2/17/08

A.Yall need to get back 2-getha and be yall group again.i know its hard because of the money.i mean,without being 2-getha yall get moe money.but,as a group,yall can have moe fans and make moe albums to sell then yall can make moe money as well though.im just sayin wat i can to get the group back.i miss B2K,lookin at the sexy faces all 2-getha,dancin,just being happy.lookin like a family.yall is sssoooooo sexy to me.i just wanna see yall 2-getha again.can i ask 1 question?is yall some kin 2 one another cuz yall seem and look like yall can be some kin to eachother?

what up boyz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

i really dont know why you guys when different ways but i mean you have your reason well i hope all of you guys go back and be B2K again. The song that i love the most is "WHAT A GIRL WANTS" the 1st time i heard it i love it i was searching every where for that song until i found it not to long ago. well i wish you the best i love you guys take care love you your number 1 fan goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello | Reviewer: kabirurashid | 9/14/07

dear friends, how are u all? i hope u are fine . by the way i want b2k boyz to be my penpals ok i hope u will . reply soon ok bye

big dreams | Reviewer: brandon | 8/9/07

listen i think yall should get back together because you have alot of prople that look up to u and i am one because i have wanted to be a singer all of my life and and Boyz || Men and chris brown and b2k are the ones in the music industry that i really look up to because i have and and still can learn alot from u one theing i have learned is yo all the people reading this u can not say that u want to be a singer unless u really want it and u really mean it from the bottom of ur heart because people tell me i can sing and people also tell me u have to to born with that talent i dont beleave that i feel if u push and fight all ur life for somthing that u really want it will happen and u can ot give up no matter what because it will be times when u feel u want to quit but u cant just beleave and it dont matter wat no one says because im positive that there were people that told b2k that they were not going to make it bottom line just keep ur head up because theres always light at the end of the tunnel peace mi=uch love brandon oxendine and anyone who reads this feel free to write me at bammoney@aol.com

hi, boyz | Reviewer: nicole | 6/22/07

i can't understand what is wrong with u. i think u should come back to b2k. u looked so cool, altogether. and i love all ur songs. ur songs are the best pls come back to b2k.

love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Opinion | Reviewer: Carron Tawhara | 5/22/07

Honestly, to everyone who has commented, at least try to spell correctly before submitting. Your all just a group of suck ups. Im not saying that B2K isnt good, (actually their fucken sexy!) but everyone cant spell. Im from Australia and half the population here is stupid. IM ONLY 15! and i picked up so many mistakes. AS IF THEY LL HOLLA BACK AT YOU!

ur numba1 fan 4eva | Reviewer: natalie | 5/18/07

hey i really miss u guys and the songs that u did together and it wiil not be the same without u guys. I liked that song that u did girlfriend and when u guys smile i start to smile as well any goodbye and i hope that u guys will get back together. bye

hey | Reviewer: sexy s | 4/30/07

i just really dont understand why yall split the group yall was really 4 of a kind i wish yall could come back together and make things better but i guess not i love all yall wish i can see yall and go on a date with yall and do more later lol yall get it. but really omarion is on top the rest of yall need to make a come back a really big come back i would like to see yall on the couch on 106&park top ten live and i would love too see what yall working with in the pants.

hey | Reviewer: sexy s | 4/30/07

i just really dont understand why yall split the group yall was really 4 of a kind i wish yall could come back together and make things better but i guess not i love all yall wish i can see yall and go on a date with yall and do more later lol yall get it. but really omarion is on top the rest of yall need to make a come back a really big come back i would like to see yall on the couch on 106&park top ten live and i would love too see what yall working with in the pants

omarion is hot | Reviewer: missy | 3/26/07

omarion i don't really kno wat 2 say ,bout u nigga. u hot i think u get everything dat gurl need keeping it up.
u one of ma fav singer. i wanna be singer too jus like missy elliott and u
luv ya missy p

hi! | Reviewer: philile | 2/20/07

hi! guyz i hope yo'll r readin' dis,yo'll were gud 2-getha, & all dat, bt it's about tyme,u grew up,& take yo own wayz,i min be independent,learn 2 do thingz on ya own. one last thing, i wud' lyke 2 get answerz 4rom u on da ffg questionz: do u miss 1-another? if yes, how much? & why?,how r u guyz related 2 1 another? do u have girlfrendz? wat r their names? & last one , what do u look 4 in a girl? dis 1 goez to omarion,what doez it take 4 1 2 b frendz wich-ya? email me on 207505075@ukzn.ac.za,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezz!!! guyz,peace out,love yah!! philile

my advice | Reviewer: SHEA | 6/26/06

omarion i think u are a very taleneted person. u are a role model 2 many yound boys who want 2 be singers. i want 2 be a singers too. i am very good for being only 15. i think u should live your life. if u and the rest of b2k want 2 get back 2gether its ur choice and it would be a good one too. well thanx for hearin me out holla at me sometimes

pleaze pleaze get back together | Reviewer: mercedes morgan | 1/8/06

omari you are so fine just come to your sences and get bak to gether be b2k one last time

just do it for your gurlfriend mercedes morgan (thats me)

p.s. raz b you also is too fyne

Lil fizz for ever | Reviewer: MaÏmouna Osséni | 10/29/05

Hi, I' m MaÏmouna, a frenchspeaking cameroonian girl. I really like your style, your music, and your personality. What are you doing now? Will you continu to sing? Please, answer me to: myafizz3@yahoo.fr. Big kiss. I
loves you,; from Cameroon, MaÏmouna.

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