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Whereas any hope for the return of noisy pop seemed to have evaporated, B.R.M.C and their sharp-edged guitars suddenly come to revive the flame of noisy rock in the great tradition of The Jesus & Mary Chain and Velvet Underground.

Based in Los Angeles, B.R.M.C (or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the name of Marlon Brando's biker gang in The Wild One) combines distorted and acoustic guitars, raspy voices and pounding drums. Through their obviously influenced music, the group openly proclaims its membership to the noise movement and its psychedelic heritage. The sharp and dirty guitars clearly evoke William Reid and Lou Reed, while the voice has very Jim Reidlike intonations and the drums echo the primitive style of Moe Tucker. Joy Division, Killing Joke and early Oasis also come to mind while listening to this disc. B.R.M.C., however, is not an untalented clone satisfied merely to mimic. The group possesses the ardor of its youth, and their steps which are authentic above all, has no mission other than to take over the torch of their illustrious predecessors and to perpetuate the tradition of savage rock, antipodal to the aseptic productions of the moment.

With its mixture of acoustic and saturated guitars, the single "Love Burns" recalls the Psychocandy period of the Jesus & Mary Chain and offers an unstoppable anthem. "Red Eyes and Tears" continues on the impetus, injecting very American sounding guitars. The furious "Whatever Happened To My Rock'N' Roll" flirts with "Rock'N'Roll Star" by Oasis and seems to point a finger at the groups who sold their soul for commercial success. The rhythm slows down on the psychedelic "Awake" while "White Palms" is supported by powerful saturated bass. "As Sure As the Sun" is an insistent, classic piece whereas "Rifles" has the blackness of Killing Joke. The soft "Too Real" has a spike of the Beatles. " Spread Your Love" then comes to propagate its fever in the style of Velvet Underground's "White Light". "Head Up High" is a beautiful ballad, noisy and bewitching. The album finishes on another ballad, "Salvation", which would not have seemed odd on Stoned And Dethroned by the Reid brothers.

One recalls how noisy rock, English in origin, arrived to tap into American roots of rock. With the excellent Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, B.R.M.C logically takes over where the English left off and revitalizes a dying genre. Let us hope that B.R.M.C awakes the groups to which they pay homage from their lethargy.

Fred Thom

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great..... | Reviewer: dude | 1/23/11

look to everyone who says anything about that they sound like this or that, go suck a left nut. instead of comparing them to other bands. listen to them. all music comes from something and when a band comes out and plays music that might remind you of someone else it doesnt mean that their trying to be them. they played music that came from the soul. they played what they like. they made music. if you think about it, everything has already been done so its about thinking of a new way to say something old. thye did that. and they did it well. they make music that is amazing so lets please leave it at that.

............. | Reviewer: konstantina | 7/10/10

about a week ago,i was in the house of a very good friend of mine and we were playing some music..and suddenly she started to sing "tiiiime won't save our souls..."and i told her whats that?and it was the first time i heard the song suffle your feet..iwas like this is really good..and until today i have listened to this song more than hundred times...i really love b.r.m.c

Comparisons for comparisons sake? | Reviewer: Ken Buddha | 9/25/09

Rotten biography!

I've been listening to BRMC since their first CD came out. Great band. Great layered sound. Earnest angst. They don't need to be compared to anyone else, they stand on their own.

The biographer (Fred Thom) here doesn't seem to get that maybe they aren't emulating anyone. Maybe BRMC just started making music they liked. Take out all of the other band references in the biography and it turns into about 5 sentences.

I think maybe it's the biographer that is having a hard time coming up with something original. Or maybe he just can't get out of the past. I'm almost 50 years old and while I can relate BRMC to other bands, I just tell others about the sound, not who they might sound like to me. Or at worst, mention maybe a band or two but stop with the constant comparisons.

Angell Waters' comment was miles better than Fred Thom's biography - even with the ridiculous first paragraph of digression.

Alright, I'm done. Great band. You'll be doing yourself a favor if you just go buy their music.

I can't believe I hadn't heard of them... | Reviewer: Kim | 10/7/07

I seriously love this band and the music they come out with. I can't believe that I had to wait this long to listen to such good music.

Anywho, more people should be in the know about them. Yup...

xxx | Reviewer: Arson. | 3/5/07

I love Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... with true love :P This is, next to The Hives and Wolfmother, best band nowadays.

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Saves Rock and Roll | Reviewer: Angell Waters | 9/15/04

The great thing about living in a large metropolis like New York, is that you get exposure to things that you might not ordinarily come into contact with. If you are open to the city you can absorb and learn all of your life about the rythms of living in a place where anything goes. This is a good thing. Unlike the city, the music industry is not open. It is a closed society based on pushing the latest flavor, the soup du jour to the masses. The masses, in turn, eat this pablum like pre chewed worms being feed to the noisy, blind, hungry children of mediocrity. The all dancing, all singing shit of the world as you will. As in any media industry the reveloutionary, righteous, soulfoul, subversive holy men and women that are able to speak with conviction and verisimilitude, but suffer in the name of there art are considered perverse, rebelious, and treasonous until their share of market cuts into some fat cat conglomerate and all of a sudden the CEO and his cronies can't afford that second Ferrari. So, for the sake of the bottom line, these holy vessels are whored out to the highest bidder so they, their art, and vision can be co-opted, copied, and distrubuted all in the name of the bottom line. Same shit, different packaging.

But, I digress . . . The wonderful thing about being alive is being able to make discoveries. Emotional, Visceral, Spiritual discoveries. They are called Suprises. The Black Rebel Motorcyle Club is such a suprise ladies and gentleman. I have listened to their cd's religiously for the past eight months. I have spread the word that B.R.M.C., in the tradition of Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, and dare I say . . . the Beatles, has a band that not only redefines Rock and Roll, but has also been resurected from the ashes of itself. They have saved Rock by the wave of R&B, Rap, and Pop shit that threatens our way of life. In the name of the artistic blood that they have shed and given to the world, we must all partake and give equally in this manna from heaven.

The two Albums, B.M.R.C and Take Them On, On Your Own, are a one two punch of, in your face tell the world we are here, to a high speed crunch of sprituality and headiness.

The First album cantains music that should be listened in order in it's entirety the first time you listen to it. Love Burns opens the album with ambient spice for about 10 to 12 seconds and then launches into probably one one the greatest rock songs ever to grace the eardrum. The album flies out on two lofty songs Head Up High, And Salvation, which bring a tear to my eye almost everytime I listen to it. Remember the last scene in Starman with Jeff Bridges . . . well you know what I'm talking about. It's Mixture of meat and potatoes rock with an infusion of electric buzz and snap that pays homage to yesteryear and manages to look foward toward tommorow. It is a tour de force must have for anyone who likes great music.

Not to be tripped up by the sophmore jinx, Take Them On, On Your Own give the first album a majore league run for it's money. U.S. Government, Six Barrel Shot Gun, Rise and Fall, all have the sex appeal and the dangerous looks of a desert eagle 50cal. glinting in the sun. Ha Ha High Babe and Shade of Blue, with their fat bottomed bass, grooves us into a "cloud high" of smoothness and grit. Reflections of the Hollies and Jesus and Mary Chain can be heard in many songs. I hate to make comparisons because you may or may not like the bands I have just mentioned and my not listen to B.M.R.C. I can assure, that is band is a force to be reckoned with and stands on it's own. It deserves a patient listening. The songs get richer as you listen to them like a fine wine or your favorite book or movie, or painting you will hear different things and react differently to the song once you hear them.

This music packs a wollop that the MTV bands are so hungry for. The depth, and imagintion, and talent should keep them around for some time to come. I cannot say enough about these guys. They are saying it loud and on their own terms, that much shines through. My only hope that when that breakout CD of theirs eventually hits the stores, and they sweep Britney Spears, Blink 182 and all the other "grand narrative" detritus away in their hurricain tenent, that they stay my beloved saviors, the keepers of the flame, they who guard the holy grail. You have save my life, now go and save Rock & Roll. Go on and ". . . take over the world" as one neophyte purveyor of corruption blurted out in her Band Stand apperance. We, the loyal, your humble servants, give our blessing and are very proud. The land and the body are connected and are as one.

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