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Copywrite B Movie Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2014 05:04:00 AM

All I see is this girl
She's so bad
One day I finally approached
You smell sweeter than honey
Let's take a walk
She'' like a queen
I was taking her inside

I even saw her after a week
And when the time had finally come
I couldn't even speak
Followed her home
But I couldn't believe my eyes
She said hello to some guys
I'm swinging high
And she screamed and she said she didn't see me in her life
And I realized, this girl doesn't know me ,shit

Check it out
Staying around like an immigrant with no VISA
My first thought
I should have thrown my old sneakers
I grabbed that
But I missed me with and overhead and it stinged me
My girl came out at me screaming
I could have sworn she saw a daemon
But I'm scheming
Call 911
But he doesn't know English
I had a nod in my neck and I couldn't speak
I'm sayin': I'm one but I've almost lost a fight to a bee
I lost but I won, you know?
Just a little story

It ain't bringing no patient
I'm tryin' to figure out what on earth happened
To this black kid
Is it a game violence?
It's the same silence
Got my brain wild
Cause if I lose patience
And I lose my patience
You look like you need a face lift
I asked the nurse where's the gun shot?
What did I do?

Son of a bitch
Something sharp stump in my finger
No murder scene
What the fuck?
I was just allergic to a bee