B.G. Albums

  • HollyHood Album (10/5/2010)
    So 504
    Ya Heard Me
    Hangin Out
    Murda Ya
    Beat It Up
    Real Round Here
    Bout This Grindin
    Body Bag
    Sex Toys
    Natural High
    Hold U Down
    Get Money
    Rap Money, Drug Money
    Time to Ride
    Move Ya Body
    Feelin' Right

  • Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood Album (12/8/2009)
    Fuck The Game Up
    I Swar
    Nigga Owe Me Some Money
    Fucking U Right
    My Hood
    Hit The Block And Roll
    Like Yeah
    Fuck Thang
    Back To The Money
    Ya Heard Me
    Chopper City Is An Army
    My Wrist Game Is Sick!
    Gutta Gutta
    Keep It 100
    Under Surveillance
    For A Minute
    I Hustle

  • The Heart Of Tha Streetz, Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am) Album (3/21/2006)
    Intro The Heart Of Tha Streetz, Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am)
    Real Nigga
    Move Around
    What I Need
    If U Ain't Gangsta
    Living Right
    Kill Or Be Killed
    Deuces Up
    Bout Mine
    Fuck Em
    Ain't No Bitch
    Yeah Nigga Yeah
    I Ain't Got Nothing
    Pussy Pop
    Face Up
    It Don't Stop
    Gotta Get Me
    Whateva U Like

  • The Heart Of Tha Streetz, Vol. 1 Album (5/24/2005)
    Heart of The Streetz
    Fool With It
    Chopper City
    Where Da At
    Same Ol' Shit
    Do That Shit
    Work Dat Ass
    Ride With That
    Get Ya Game Up
    U See Why
    Get Up
    Roll With Me
    Oh No
    On Tha Block
    We Want Geezy

  • Life After Cash Money Album (7/27/2004)
  • Livin' Legend Album (2/25/2003)
  • Checkmate Album (10/21/2000)
  • Chopper City In The Ghetto Album (4/20/1999)
  • It's All On U 2 Album (11/15/1997)
  • It's All On U 1 Album (7/1/1997)
  • Chopper City Album (2/26/1997)
  • B.G.'Z True Story Album (6/29/1995)

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    Reviews about B.G. albums

    Very Underestimated Album | Reviewer: George Yanni
        ------ About the album Chopper City performed by B.G.

    This album is very underestimated because of its undergroung status at the time. But never the less its a very good album lyrically. This album was made way ahead of its time of. The lyrics by this Kid are on point from the frist track to the last. This is straight underground classic hiphop. The production on this album is also good. I will rate this alum 4/5. Tracks like doing bad show how good B.G is on the mic he spitts very sharp lyrics.Also tracks like niggas don't understand with the Big tymers is very good the way its put together. This with out a doubt is a classic my advice is if you ever see it in the shops pls buy cause it would be worth every penny that you sent on it.

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