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Throughout the 1990's as well as the 1980's, 1970's, 1960's
and 1950's, there has been only one King of the Blues -
Riley B. King, affectionately known as B.B. King. Since
B.B. started recording in the late 1940's, he has released
over 50 albums many of them considered blues classics, like
1965's definitive live blues album "Live At The Regal", and
1976's collaboration with Bobby "Blue" Bland, "Together For
The First Time".

Over the years, B.B. has had two number one R & B hits,
1951's "Three O'Clock Blues", and 1952's "You Don't More...

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Review about B.B. King songs
Blew me away! | Reviewer: Twistun
    ------ About the song Hummingbird performed by B.B. King

I love BB King, Leon Russel, et al. Hummingbird had probably been on my iPod for months - just never heard it. I listened to it and OMG, that's MY kind of music. I love the girls harmonizing at the end, too. I started calling my wife my little hummingbird - didn't tell her why. After a week or two I told her why and let her listen to the song. She cried. Now she has a humming bird tat on her shoulder. Twistun (Randy)

Thanks | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Why I Sing The Blues performed by B.B. King

Thanks for including so many verses, guys and Ladies. So many sites are getting so stingy about sharing info these days, it's sickening. Thank you for letting the King of the Blues' work shine forth for us to ALL see, ( and Play ) .

Am I the only one????? | Reviewer: John Miller
    ------ About the song Patches performed by B.B. King

I first heard this song when I was about 10 years old, and it struck a chord deep inside. I grew up in a poor part of Detroit, not Alabama, and Cancer took my Papa when I was twenty, not his heart, but the rest is the same. I was the oldest of 5 kids left to take care of the family when he died at 38. Rough times never did leave us, and cancer took my Momma 10 years later, though her broken heart almost did it sooner. I still cry like a baby every time I hear it, hoping I've done well enough by my siblings to make them proud of me in Heaven. I pray to God every day that my son never has to feel the pain that B.B. sings about.

    ------ About the song The Thrill Is Gone performed by B.B. King

My name is Carlos Gutierrez Adaros adn I love the blues, because now i think that is better love to a song, that love to a woman. My girl, the love of my life, the mother of my daughter, she sayme good bye, by one stupid reason, and the thrill is gone says just that only i can feel now. And so, now i love the blues more than yesterday.

hummingbird | Reviewer: carol
    ------ About the song Hummingbird performed by B.B. King

first heard this song on a jukebox in waialua hawaii a few (5) years ago and liked it alot then as i still do today

There is always one more time | Reviewer: michael williams
    ------ About the song There Is Always One More Time performed by B.B. King

How can I obtain the sheet music to this song, for piano and voice. where can this be obtain

I Remember Well | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Thrill Is Gone performed by B.B. King

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was in the Army, stationed at Ft. Carson Colo. I was HQ and they had the radio tuned to KYSN-FM, in Colorado Springs. The year was 1970 and I fell head over heels in love with the blues on that day. I'm still in love and it's 2006.

The Thrill is gone | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Thrill Is Gone performed by B.B. King

What song more conveys the feeling of being trapped in a bad relationship than this song? Who better to tell the story than BB King? With his soulful heart and with the aide of "Lucille" - the guitar he makes sing, scream or moan - at will, he turns out a kind of music that really makes you feel his pain - especially in this timeless tune.

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