Axxis Albums

  • Paradise In Flames Album (10/18/2006)
    Paradise In Flames (Intro)
    Dance With The Dead
    Tales Of Glory Island
    Take My Hand
    Will God Remember Me
    Don't Leave Me
    Lady Moon
    Iced Wind
    Stay By Me
    Gods Of Rain
    Pasion For Rock

  • Time Machine Album (10/18/2004)
    Mystery Of Time
    Angel Of Death
    Time Machine
    Wind In The Night (Shalom)
    Lost In The Darkness
    The Demons Are Calling
    Wings Of Freedom
    Dance In The Starlight
    Battle Of Power
    Gimme Your Blood
    Don't Drag Me Down

  • Eyes Of Darkness Album (7/16/2002)
    Eyes Of Darkness
    The Four Horseman
    Brandnew World
    When The Sun Goes Down
    Shadows Of The Light
    Keep Flying
    Battlefield Of Life
    One Million Faces
    At The Crack Of Dawn
    Larger Than Life
    Lost In Love

  • Back To The Kingdom Album (5/2/2000)
    Like A Sphinx
    Flashback Radio
    Heaven In Black
    Only God Knows
    Sea Of Love
    White Lights
    Why Not
    My Little Princess
    Without You
    Ice On Fire
    Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye

  • Voodoo Vibes Album (7/9/1997)
  • Matters Of Survival Album (7/9/1995)
  • The Big Thrill Album (7/9/1993)
  • II Album (7/9/1990)
  • Kingdom Of The Night Album (4/29/1989)

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