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Axis Of Perdition Biography

Last updated: 12/24/2003 02:53:25 AM

The duo forming Axis of Perdition play post-apocalyptic black metal based on a clear, strong vision of a dark future of surreal horror and vast urban desolation. They were formed during the winter of 2001/2002 from the ashes of the band Minethorn, who maintained a similar vision using markedly different, and less successful, musical elements.

The band’s single demo, a split EP with dark ambient project Pulse Fear, limited to twenty copies, impressed the label Rage of Achilles who swiftly offered the band a two-album deal, which they accepted. They are currently recording their as yet untitled debut album for release in early 2003.

The band takes their inspiration from the ugliness decay of their urban environment, integrated into a darker and more nightmarish dimension of twisted post-apocalyptic mayhem. The reflect this in their sound which a combination of harsh, violent passages, and discordant, ugly guitar work reminiscent of the classic early 90s black metal sound injected with an extra dose of misanthropic disgust, with their penchant for sinister dark ambient/industrial soundscaping, topped off with some of the most bilious, unconventional vocal outpourings that the scene has been subjected to.

Axis of Perdition has no political, religious, spiritual or otherwise life-affirming inclinations whatsoever.
Let Satan cling feebly to God, they shall be destroyed together.

The band is:
Mike – Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Ambient Discord, Sampling
Brooke – Vocals, Bass, Additional Guitars, Industrial Madness, Sampling