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Axamenta Biography

Last updated: 04/15/2004 11:22:44 PM

The band was formed by the trio of singer/guitarist Koen Vriesacker, guitarist Steven De Meyer and drummer Frederik Van Mieghem in 1993. Axamenta appeared on the black metal scene with a 1985 demo entitled Echoes. Another demo called Into A dream appeared in 1987. Three years later the band returned with the Nox Draconis Argenti EP following which a deal was signed with LSP. During this period the band almost broke up following multiple line-up changes. The EP also introduced Ann Kermans as second vocalist. Codex Barathri was released in 2002 and dubbed Fantasy Metal by the band. New members De Greef and Brek were added at this point. The former is also a guitarist in Etherial Dawn. Huts left the band in 2003 in favour of Stacast's Sven Deckers. Simultaneously, Meynckens joined Butcher as a side-project. Sven Janssens formerly of Disown and also in Battalion became the band's new bassist.