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Aaron Bruno has been with numerous bands before he created
AWOLNATION including chart-breaking Under The Influence Of
Giants. While they did not work as well as he expected,
this electronic rock solo project went on becoming
successful with the single "Sail" peaking on Billboard Hot
200 chart at number 82.

"This project is a result of all the ups and downs and
different bands and lineups that I've been in from the past
and different writers that I've written with in the past
that were in more of a band format where we all wrote
everything and split everything equally and had equal More...

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my pov | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Sail performed by Awolnation

Some people say this song is about alien abduction, others say it's about alcoholism and drug abuse. I think everyone views every song differently, one lyric phrase may mean something to someone, where to others it's a different view. I on the other hand think the songs about someone who has had a hard time losing someone he loves, and is now thinking about killing himself. Awesome song by the way! *****

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