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Awolnation Biography

Last updated: 05/29/2012 12:00:00 PM

Aaron Bruno has been with numerous bands before he created AWOLNATION including chart-breaking Under The Influence Of Giants. While they did not work as well as he expected, this electronic rock solo project went on becoming successful with the single "Sail" peaking on Billboard Hot 200 chart at number 82.

"This project is a result of all the ups and downs and different bands and lineups that I've been in from the past and different writers that I've written with in the past that were in more of a band format where we all wrote everything and split everything equally and had equal input into song direction and song writing," Bruno said in an interview.

Bruno earned the opportunity to use a recording studio in Los Angeles, CA in 2009, ultimately signing up with an indie called Red Bull Records. The moniker was derived from his nickname while in high school. "Awol has been a little nickname that I've gone by for a while, you know since high school just messing around with my friends doing different freestyle stuff and just joking around out of boredom really and my name's Aaron so I wanted to pick a name that started ...