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Disturbed Awaken Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2011 11:00:00 AM

Stripped of life, alone
In the midst of something that I
Want to play with your evil inside
wanting, letting go, of what never could be again
Lost and alone
Imprisoned now inside your mind
With the way you tried
To destroy me again
You were waiting and living for no one
With the way you tried
To completely refuse all your life

Feed on your nothing
You'll never live up to me

Awaken you
With a little evil inside
Feed on your nothing
You'll never live up to me
I've stricken you
I don't want to live with the lie
Feed on your nothing
And you'll never live up to me

Awaken you, oh no,
Can't live up to me
I've stricken you
Feed on your nothing and you can't live up to me

There isn't a thing that I can do
Watching this whole thing just wash away
Making me long
Making you strong


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Rulin' song, by far ~ | Reviewer: Verridith | 5/8/09

Definitely one of their best song ~ I love David's vocal transitions and voice control in every song of theirs, and most definitely this one. The degree of power in this is amazing; the top pick on their Believe album. Awesome work!

disturbed. | Reviewer: maggie | 2/2/09

i love disturbed. its the best rock band. I love how they have a variety of music. i understand that its all rock, but its more than that if you want to get specific. Some of there songs are fast, some are slow, some are heavy rock, some are soft rock. It can even vary in one specific song. its amazing. I feel ike disturbed is going to be around for a very long time.