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Release Date: 05/25/2004
Tracks in Under My Skin: Take Me Away, Together, Don't Tell Me, He Wasn't, How Does It Feel, My Happy Ending, Nobody's Home, Forgotten, Who Knows?, Fall To Pieces, Freak Out, Slipped Away, I Always Get What I Want

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This album rocks (literally) | Reviewer: My name is... | 2/28/14

I absolutely love Avril and this album is really great! Out of all 5 of her albums, this one sounds rawest if you know what I mean. It really brings out emotions. There are songs for almost every relationship situation. Including getting over a death (Slipped Away). I love almost all of the songs in this album but highly recommend Don't Tell Me, Happy Ending, and Together. Overall, this album is truly like a best friend. You can relate to any of the songs! Have fun listening!

on avril under my skin album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

i love this cd,,,whenever i listen to it,,i feel re energized! it somehow gives me a new look about life and it gives me ideas on how to fight and lead my life as to what i wanted it to be...they said it some kind of demonic thing,,but it shows that they are ignorant and helpless!

my all~time favorite cd! | Reviewer: linda | 11/13/07

i love this cd and i love avril! she is such a strong person and isnt afraid of what other people think about her and that is the kind of person i can look up to as a great role model! i especially love how does it feel, he wasnt, my happy ending, nobodys home, who knows, freak out, and slipped away! i <3 her other albums too.

the best i've have heard i a long while | Reviewer: M | 10/7/07

i love the album. it has songs that i can relate to especially happy ending, slipped away, nobody's home,forgotten,fall to pieces,together.i can't stop listening to the album. i listen to every day. avril rocks

Really Good | Reviewer: Lily | 9/26/07

I really think that Avril's first CD was more unexpected than the second and the second kind of came out there.It really showed more of her the first time but Under My Skin is a really good CD.

avril rocks | Reviewer: aryenne | 7/1/07

i agree that this is the best of all her cd's and i'm wondering how she comes up with this stuff it's amazing!

A way more informed review than the one above :P | Reviewer: I'm a guy :P | 9/30/04

Well, this being Avril Lavigne's second album, which contains a much more mature sound from her debut album "Let Go", "Under My Skin" is definately the better of her two albums.

"Under My Skin" contains a wide of sounds, from the two poppish hits of "Don't Tell Me" and "My Happy Ending", a gothical track in the track "Forgotten", an easy listening type of track in "Fall to Peices" to even a punkish sound in the song "I Always Get What I Want".
If you like pretty depessing sounding music, then the track "Slipped Away" on this album is the song for you.

As with many underrated artists like Avril Lavigne, her realeased mainstream singles are not the best songs from the album and does not truely reflect her sound.

(Remember even though many people dismiss her as a tomboy and/or a punk girl, she was discovered on winning a radio COUNTRY MUSIC competition!)

Tracks I recommend on this album are "Take Me Away", "Nobody's Home", "Freak Out" (mainly because of the strings) and the last track off "Under My Skin" called "I Always Get What I Want" (a nice alternative sound to the other tracks in the album).

Overall a pretty good album. 8/10.

songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/04

i have all her cds but this one is the best all her songs are so good and i love to sing along with them.

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