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Release Date: 04/17/2007
Tracks in The Best Damn Thing: Girlfriend, I Can Do Better, Runaway, The Best Damn Thing, When You're Gone, Everything Back But You, Hot, Innocence, I Don't Have To Try, One Of Those Girls, Contagious, Keep Holding On, I Will Be

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This album is THE BEST DAMN THING! ;D | Reviewer: My name is ... | 3/28/14

This album is a very bouncy and fun, just like Avril! It has several songs to just dance along to and make you feel fun and free! This is different from Avril's first two albums and is a lot more hyper (if you know what I mean). I love rocking out to these songs because they get you energized!!! I especially love the less known songs like I Can Do Better, One of Those Girls, Everything Back but You, Contagious, and Innocence. I like the way Inocence is sweet and about the simple aspects of life. Once again, Avril has created an AMAZING relatable album!!!

i like runaway,innocence & the best damn thing... | Reviewer: Leisa | 8/17/08

The BEST DAMN singer in this entire universe is Avril Lavigne,to me.Because she's sooo damn awesome and pretty,her voice...rocks,her music...rocks,she...rocks and her everything else rocks.I just wish i could see her in person someday,talk to her,sing some of my favourite songs with her and maybe just be a friend of hers.

~~~~~~~~~ | Reviewer: Carol | 1/1/08

I'm a Chinese junier high school student. I love Avril Lavigne so much. She plays great music. And she has her own style! I've learnt a lot English words from her songs. Keep holding on! Go! Go! Go!

i liked when your gone & runaway... | Reviewer: sara | 10/26/07

my best singer in the whole universe is avril lavigne!! i like her style very much. i dont think that her style changed alot coz in when your gone and in hot and also runaway she proved to her audience that she is still the avril that we all know!!i love you very much avril in all kinds of styles you show us

she rocks | Reviewer: glen | 7/19/07

she is sexy with looks and just as good at singing xxxxxxxx lets hope she releases CONTAGIOUS best track on the album o apart from GIRLFRIEND

:) | Reviewer: jessiicaa | 7/7/07

Kay mostly all the song she ever made inspired me in some way, so i really like her music. She's an awsome signer , yeaa she changed from punk to beign a bit more girly so what? all girls change in some sorta way like that.. when we were little some of us were tom boys and look at them now lookin like ladies. so really ! you inspire me big time! love all the great work you do and the new album " the best damn thing" is a total hit for me

my god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/07

Comedy at it's finest! was most likely the best review i have ever read! I couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly every time i hear girlfriend my ears start to bleed...

I think the songs are good.But the look...... | Reviewer: Avrila | 6/26/07

I think the songs are good. With new trying is Ok. I don't like the way she looks now. It' strange. A rock star sells dancing?????? Songs are good. Style......

Ok then... | Reviewer: Shayla | 6/23/07

So avril's music isn't completely the same,her second album wasn't the same as her first, she was a punk ass kid during let go and then she grew up a little bit when she made under my skin. So she wants to have a little fun with this album let it be, Avril's music rocks either way it appeals to pretty much all ages and as for the swearing, i could care less, it's not nobody has ever heard it someplace else before...it doesn't even matter about what she dresses like in her music videos, guys shes married obviously, she WAS just having fun...and if there was some problem with it, she would have stopped...so leave girl alone its the music business if she kept her music the same, no one would buy it.

huh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/07

Okay so I heard that new song "girlfriend" and at first i thought she was joking around because how could anyone write a song that shallow?? (especially cause she's married) i mean it sounds like a pop song written in two hours for 12 year olds.....but then i realized it wasnt a joke and i just thought....wow thats some b*chy stuff to say....well thats just what I thought. I know she likes being crazy and doesnt care what others think but I mean thats a pretty lame song...

when you're gone | Reviewer: Toshihiko Atsuyama | 6/16/07

i admit avril's style has changed a bit in Girlfriend and Best Damn Thing, but it only stops there!! Her style is still the same for the rest of the album, especially the ballad in When You're Gone, the lyric really touches me, much more sad than her old song Slipped Away...

i dont like titles.. | Reviewer: mothafuckin princess=] | 6/14/07

all of avril's music is awesome. so what if she's "changed". its her life and she can be who she wants to be. and for all you people who are "disapointed" in avril's new music/look, who gives a damn?
if you dont like her new style, dont listen to her new music.

i dont like titles.. | Reviewer: motherfuckin princes =] | 6/14/07

all of avril's music is awesome. so what if she's "changed". its her life and she can be who she wants to be. and for all you people who are "disapointed" in avril's new music/lifestyle, who gives a damn?

Avril's new style | Reviewer: Fred_Avril'sfan | 6/7/07

I love Avril's new style!She is really changed but I love it.When Iheard "Girlfriend" I still found my emotion for Avril!Go ahead and try,Avril!

... | Reviewer: karry | 6/1/07

My sis and i are both avril fans and when we went to get the CD we put it into the car CD player the first thing we did when we got in. My sis was happy with the cd, i was disappointed, I liked her other albums much better, keep holding on & innocence, & when ur gone are great songs, i even liked runaway & everything back but you. but i'm more disappointed in what avril became. i'm not exactly fan of tramps, but her music is still good and or ok. and anyway she's among the few pop singers i listen to, i mainly listen to metal or rock. but later

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