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In a year when Aventura has taken Premio La Juventud,
Premio Lo Nuestro, The Billboard Award, multiple Casandras,
(among many others), is a Grammy nominee and sold out
Madison Square Garden Arena singlehandedly, who could
foresee yet another landmark in this group’s explosive
career. However, on October 18, 2007, MTV viewers decided
otherwise. At the MTV Awards hosted at Mexico City’s Sports
Palace on October 18, 2007 Aventura took MTV Tr3’s Viewer’s
Choice Award for Best Pop Artist. The group was selected
from a competitive field of More...

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Reviews about Aventura songs

Damn good shit | Reviewer: Liz
    ------ About the song Los Infieles performed by Aventura

This song is really good shit no matter what you stay true to what you want you want to be with some other fuckin person then do it its your fuckin life aint no one gonna bring up shit on you if you cheat and us as los infieles this is our song and i no that my boyfriend cheated on this gurl he gone do it to me ill do it back fuck dat!!!!

Love da Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Los Infieles performed by Aventura

Human nature... however bad or good, the song is a harsh reality... it talks about temptation and how good it can feel when doing something that morally as a society we think is wrong....

Music should not be limited....

Victor Hugo:
Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
William Congreve:
Music has charms to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak.

Los Infieles - setting the wrong example | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Los Infieles performed by Aventura

my 13yr girl loves this song, the beat she loves, and I have to tell her, it's bad. He's singing about Adultery and that's wrong. I tell her, that' he's singing about being with this woman and she's married and that's wrong.

My thoughts on: Aventura- angelito | Reviewer: jasmin
    ------ About the song Angelito performed by Aventura

There is one thing that caught my attention, the part when it says "Que aquel que ama pero no demuestra To' el cariño se prepara para un desliz" What is that last word? desliz? I think that is something to look into. For the record there are other lyrics that instead of "deliz" say "dismiss"

i love u | Reviewer: allison
    ------ About the song Mi Corazoncito performed by Aventura

i love ur new song i love the song mi corazoncito

Baby Angel | Reviewer: Brandy Valdez
    ------ About the song Un Beso performed by Aventura

Oh my god I can't not belive that they are on that I saw their body for the first time in my life.I have their all their CD's and I listen to them like evryday my sister and I fight over them and we talk who is who's.

obssecion | Reviewer: daianaquinones
    ------ About the song Obsesion performed by Aventura

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HOT and Sexy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Los Infieles performed by Aventura

This song is so wrong that is right. The beat the words, it cant get any better.

aventura keep it real | Reviewer: damaris
    ------ About the song La Boda performed by Aventura

well ever seen they came out i had listen to all their song and u could ask any one i neve said oh id not like this song or that song beacuse i love them all got all off their cd and lyric for me to learn their song and practice it every day 247 i print out aventura pic mostly romeo i just think he the sexy one am 13 and i only been to one show of the but i was at the front when is I
am not haveing a party beascuse aM THEM BACKSTGE BABY AND my mom use to work with one of their mom i only a person that so in love could stop a wedding like aventura did they the best GOD BLEES U all aventura we nasty

Obsesion | Reviewer: Nicole
    ------ About the song Obsesion performed by Aventura

I am looking for song lyricks on All Aventura songs and Frank Reeves please can you E-mail them to me , as much as possible, I'm in the process of learning spanish and I listen to all their music..Thank you

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