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In a year when Aventura has taken Premio La Juventud, Premio Lo Nuestro, The Billboard Award, multiple Casandras, (among many others), is a Grammy nominee and sold out Madison Square Garden Arena singlehandedly, who could foresee yet another landmark in this group’s explosive career. However, on October 18, 2007, MTV viewers decided otherwise. At the MTV Awards hosted at Mexico City’s Sports Palace on October 18, 2007 Aventura took MTV Tr3’s Viewer’s Choice Award for Best Pop Artist. The group was selected from a competitive field of mega-artist nominees: Daddy Yankee, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and R.K.M & Ken Y.

What more can be said about this great band? 10 years ago, as they commenced their musical trajectory, their nouveau style was scorned and dismissed by the traditional bachata community. But, it is impossible to hold back the tide - in the year 2000, “Cuando
volveras” (from the band’s first studio album, Generation Next) sizzled underground as it hit in the Northeastern U.S. in spite of
scant radio acceptance. However, in the year 2002 with the release of We Broke The Rules and the mega-hit “Obsesion,” Aventura literally exploded. Since then, the band’s fan base has expanded with each subsequent release. They are truly icons in their genre, and their music continues to exude excellence - from the depth and sensitivity of Anthony’s poetic lyrics and poignant melodies which have been fanatically embraced by fans from 5 - 92; to Lenny’s cutting-edge musical production skills (in partnership with Anthony) and personal style of guitar playing that has influenced an entire generation of young players; to Mikey’s soulful bass style which has become an earmark of the Aventura sound, as well as his radical rap style; to Henry’s excellent compositions, background vocals and comedic contribution.

One word that truly describes Aventura is perhaps “innovative.” They have never feared the unknown in their fusion of pop styles with
traditional bachata, their interchanging English and Spanish lyrics, as well as their experimentation with elements of world music such as
Flamenco (“Un beso”) or Bollywood (“Un chichi”).

On November 13, 2007 SONY BMG Entertainment and Premium Latin Music, Inc. are proud to release the DVD and Soundtrack of Aventura’s Sold Out concert a Madison Square Garden: The Kings of Bachata Sold Out At Madison Square Garden.

Anthony, Henry, Lenny, Max and Johnny Marines

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i love u guy | Reviewer: stephanie | 8/8/10

hello my name is stephanie i love all ur song but if i have to pick one from ur song it will be *amor de madre*i been seeing u wen u come to miami n do concet iam alway there.... me n my two anut alway go to ur concert my two anut is in love with u romero well hope to see u next time

love stephanie :)

Number One Fan | Reviewer: Jeannette | 3/8/10

Well wow every since i was a kid i was in love this aventura like its not even funny lols , um in dr i always used to listen to son la cinco el la mañana y no durmido nada . well me and my cussins always used to act it out , im very close with 3 of my cussins and we always act out like aventura as in i sing like romeo and you know my other 3 cussins play as henry , mikey and lenny . so much fun :) i went to the concert ( the last ) on january 21st , lols we got the tickets at last minute i was soo happy , omg :') I dont like to favor anyone in the group they are all talented , but me ive always been lil mrs romeo lmao . but the main purpose for this is that no aventura is not going to break up , they have done interviews saying , they are not going to break up , romeo clearly said that they named it ( The Last ) because it is going to be the last album of BACHATA , so there next albums are going to be mixed with different types of music , forexample , salasa .. get it Lols , Buenoo My names Jeannette im 13 & i Consider Myself Aventuras Number 0ne Fan ' Ask the People i Love & Live with :) _ From NewYork , x33 i Love Aventura x3

hey guys | Reviewer: rina | 1/13/10

hey guys i heard DAT ya are separating is this true or just a rumor? i would love to go to ya concert on jan20 but i cant cuz i gottah go places i am sad cuz dat the day of ma b-day but i am goiing on feb1


papi sexy | Reviewer: esther vega | 1/9/10

WOW u guys r amazing, really ur songs r the best very originals. im in love with all the bachata songs u guys play. congratulations! keep up the good work. Y para ti ti Romero eres impresionante guapisimo, me encantas.

heyy aventuraa I'm in love witf u romeo | Reviewer: kelly | 10/17/09

I'm kelly I'm writin dis letter to tell u dat I love all of ur songss plzz romeo I wish u could send me ticketss I've never neverr saw ya in personn or any of singerr I've never neverr saw dem in facee I'm here always cryinn a lot cuz I wanted to see ya and meet ya in personn seriouss I want I would go crazyy if I get to see ya and ill cryy maybe I wouldn't do it in front of ya love u romeo dis is ma number 13472213280 I live in eastnewyork brooklyn ny

heyy aventura I love u romeo ur da best | Reviewer: kelly | 10/17/09

Damnn I'm here cryinn all da time I just I wish I would saw ya in personn plzz make me a wish for one dayy in ma life 2 see u in facee I love ya so muchhh I can't stopp thinkin of ya plzz romeo I want u to call me 13472213280 I hopefully u will call I wish I had ticketss to go see u well imma hop of dis love ya mauhszz muchos besoss para ti mi amor romeo que lindo eres que bello eress tus labioss me pone locaa quisieraa tenerte and que me des un beso de carinoo awww mauhsz dis is kelly

gabi | Reviewer: gabi | 9/18/09

hey papiss.MME ENCANTAN LOS NUEVOS SONGS K TIENEN my favorite is SU VENENO..I LOVE IT well...moving on espero k sigan aasi y k nunca se separen me dio mucha tristesa el intro de THE LAST y por eso se lo digo. quiero k sepan k son mi grupo favorito y como veran me encanta la bachata cuz am DOMINICAna como ustedes. besos a los cuatro speacially a romeo y henrry.

mi corazonsito | Reviewer: liz | 6/10/09

aventura is the best group ever! i love all the group members but my fav from all is you anthony! you got a great voice... and your music is awsome! if i had to choose a song it would definitly be the new one "all up to you"!

katherine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/08

OMG there is no better group in this world than Aventura...I wish to meet you guys someday specially you Romeo i'm in love with you and your muscle.

yall are soooooooooo hot! | Reviewer: Katrina aka babyface | 12/25/07

hey wuz up to all the members of aventura,when i say that yall are hot i mean in music charts and in person! i love all of the guys in the group,but if i had to pick a favorite person.I would have 2 pick Romeo.becuz his voice can take any gurl's breath away.I just wish yall could do a concert in San Antonio,Tx.but just seeing yall on Tv is good enough 4 me.
*luv ya lots*

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