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It’s not always recognized in today’s “I want it all now” world, but patience is a virtue. And Huntington Beach, California rockers Avenged Sevenfold are being rewarded for remembering that golden rule. After releasing two highly successful albums on an indie label (Sounding The Seventh Trumpet and Waking The Fallen), the quintet is set to unleash its major label debut, City Of Evil, on Warner Bros. Records. City Of Evil, co-produced by Avenged Sevenfold, reunites the group with producer Mudrock (Waking The Fall).

“We’re at the point now where we’ve come into our own,” vocalist M. Shadows says of the ambitious City Of Evil, an 11-song collection that gives a middle finger to the idea of categorization, bridging the sonic guitar assault of Iron Maiden with the frenetic pace of Bad Religion and the musicianship of Dream Theater. “In Southern California you’re really brought up in the whole punk world. At the same time, we were growing up listening to Pantera, Megadeath, Metallica and Slayer records,” Shadows recalls. “So then you think, ‘I want to play in that kind of band, but I want to play in this kind of band.’ Then you pass that point and all of a sudden you’re just writing music and it comes out naturally. But that’s what happens cause of all the different influences we have. And we’re definitely not afraid to put anything in our songs if we think it calls for it.”

Yes, Avenged Sevenfold can rock, as the band recently did at a sold-out show at Hollywood’s Music Box Theater, where they turned the intensity of the new tunes up from 11 to about a 20, but these are musicians as well. However, as the group evidenced during the orchestral interlude in “The Wicked End,” a perfect metal moment live complemented by a boys choir and 14-piece string section, Avenged Sevenfold, in the tradition of Zeppelin, Queen, and Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “November Rain,” meld their intensity with a musical daring their hard rock forefathers would be proud of.

Those looking primarily for a cathartic release live, as so many of the kids moshing their brains out at the Music Box were, need only turn to the ferocious energy of “Bat Country,” a song written for Hunter S. Thompson about the band’s own adventures in Vegas, and the Maiden-esque guitar and Shadows’ perfect caterwaul of the line “city of evil” (where the album’s title stems from) in the opening “Beast & The Harlot.”

And while Avenged, whose influences range from Maiden, Pantera, and Guns ‘N’ Roses (Shadows calls Use Your Illusions 1 and 2 his favorite albums of all time) to Billy Joel, Queen, and Elvis Costello, may not be your typical hard rock band musically, they can hang with the best of them. Epic nights of late night fun have followed this band around the country, and it’s something all of the members freely acknowledge. They like to party, and they like to drink: and plenty. Additionally, and fitting with their chosen lifestyle, the members of Avenged could write the A7X equivalent of the Zagut guide to strip clubs in America.

“Strippers and bands have this bond,” Vengeance says. “They totally do. The band walks in and it’s like special treatment,” Shadows adds. So, what makes a good strip club? “I like strip clubs that are out of control,” he says, citing Vegas, New York and New Orleans (“It’s fucking Bourbon Street. It better be crazy,” he says) as home to some of the better establishments they’ve frequented.

Reflecting the complex personalities though that can lead a hard rock band to throw in a beautiful Flamenco guitar solo near the end of the new album’s savage “Sidewinder,” Avenged Sevenfold is far from just a party band, and it shows on City Of Evil. The album is bursting with displays of their virtuoso musicianship, from the intricate tempo changes of “Burn It Down” to the tender acoustic intro into a Spaghetti Western mixed with classical melody that provides the calm before the storm in the savage “Strength Of The World.”

The group has learned a great deal having spent the last three summers as part of the Warped tour. Shadows got some valuable advice from Fat Mike of NOFX, besides how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. “He’s like, ‘You know what, if you do this stuff long enough, you gotta fucking have fun. If you can’t have fun on tour then you’ll never last,’” Shadows recalls. “I think that’s a really important thing.”

Additionally, the quintet, which started on a Warped side stage, graduated to the second stage, and then made the move last year to main stage, a spot they’ll be returning to this year, learned a lot by the gradual progression. “We’ve seen bands that we started out with that got a little bit of a head start or an early break and they’re done. We’ve learned so much more doing it from the ground up. We’ve got so many more stories than other bands will have; so many more good times, bad times. It has made us stronger as a band too,” Vengeance says.

Hard work is what also accounts for the band’s fiercely loyal following, according to Shadows. “It’s rewarding ‘cause you know you have this really solid core fan base that has been through a lot and they believe in the band now as more than a band, it’s like a lifestyle,” he says. “If anything happens we don’t ever fall, it’s like they’re holding us up. We’re not on the radio, but everywhere we go we always have this rabid group of fans. We would’ve never had that if we had some lucky break and just jumped to the point we’re at now. I hope it gradually keeps going up. The slower you go the more I think it builds underneath you and we’re grateful for that. They can’t just get pulled out from underneath us. There’s nothing you can grab to pull; it’s fans that love that band. So, it’s very gratifying to be at this place now.”

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shut up! | Reviewer: El-Sarnazzi | 8/10/14

hey!the important thing is we all love A7X..no matter they are christian group or not!everything that we need is give a best support for them

and who said avenged is a christian band,raise your middle finger up!

from indonesia to world

to all the haters | Reviewer: hmklovesgates | 2/17/14

"I think you gotta have balls to be an Avenged fan sometimes. A lot of our fans get hated on just as much as us. To me Avenged fans aren't just fans of a band, they are fans of everything that surrounds it, like a life style. We live it, you live it. You go to the shows and you can feel it. It's a great experience and people that aren't involved will never understand. So they can stand on the side lines and talk, but we will continue to do just what makes us happy." - M Shadows

So there ya go, hate all you want. We are just going to enjoy our boys, and the music they create. :)

The best band ever | Reviewer: Morgan chauke avenged VII x | 2/6/14

I love a7x and I think they are no christian band nor satanic either.I know that they got their name from the bible ie from the old testament :Genesis and that most of their songs are directly from the bible,but that does not make them christians @ all.If you don't believe me listen to dear God and God hates us,sure u'll get the bigger picture.They just love experimenting or tryin out new things.In summary they are extremely creative.A7x Forever!.from South Africa

DeathBatFamily | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/14

Best band over-all! The truely are a family. They've grown up together and will grow old together. Lead Vocals MShadow: Matthew Charles Sanders, beltin volcals, but his voice, this frontman has shown his versatility, from screamo to bueatiful melodic ballads. Synyster Gates: Brian Elwin Haner Jr. supported by his family, whom all have musical background, the signature Synyster Gates rippin lead electric guitar, background vocals. His licks can't be mistaken . Zacky Vengeance: Zachary James Barker, rhythm guitar, background vocals such an important role in the sound of the musical. Don't ever under estimate the importance of a rythm guitarists. Johnny Christ: Johnathan Seward, bassist, back up vocals (sometimes) he's a real comedian as he is at attacking his bass. If you take Johnny's bass away I'm sure you would have a much more appreciation of the bass sound. For the under appreciated bassist Wwe'll jump to the new addition on drums, Arin Ilejay on drums and Big Shoes to Fill, I'm sure there wi slash withBu

i love you's!!!!! <3 | Reviewer: lauren mckenna | 9/25/13

hey! i just wanted too say that you guys rock! your new album HAIL TO THE KING is fucking deadly! im going too see yous on the 3rd december 2013 in the o2. :D i honestly cant wait. i know you guys 3 years and yous have changed my life foREVer<3 love yous!

I <3 A7X...... | Reviewer: Sam Augustine | 3/25/13

I started listening to a7x about 3 years ago,
i love A7X they rock to the end and i dont no if there Christian or satanic but the truth is does it matter I like there music and to me thats all that matter to me i love to rock out here and there and when i do i chose A7X they rock but if they are satanic thats there sad choice im a Christian ..
But as long as i live I will listen to a7x,and if you havent listened to avenged sevenfold,and you like hard rock,i encorage you to listen to them.Like many of us you will love them.
May your soul rest in peace...praying for you....

so farr | Reviewer: steve anderson | 12/22/12

hey i am a cameroonian and actually africans in general dont get into metal but once i heard "nightmare" by avenged sevenfold and saw synyster gates way of playing the guitar,i totaly fell in love with them.i listen to them whenever i have any appointment or test or exam,i listen to them whenever i am scared and their songs always make me feel better.nobody can tell me that a7x is not the best group in the world.now i have all their albums and i am just waiting for the latest release.and to the guy who says it is a christian group.....take the middle finger

tony maggio | Reviewer: tony maggio | 9/25/12

i love this band and i will be a fan of them foREVer and to all haters out there go fuck yourself and listin to some good music for once r.i.p the rev we all miss you keep rocking and we hope u find "a little piece of heaven" in this "afterlife"

The Band | Reviewer: MeganLovesZacky! | 4/15/12

The band is the best in the whole WORLD, so the idiots who don't like them you have weird ears! They are like the best band ever so just get to know there music first and there songs are meaningful! R.I.P James Owen Sullivan 9th January 1981 - 28th December 2008! <3 Missed foREVer but NEVER forgotten!<3 Love You Guys!!!<3 x x x x x

TO THE ASSHOLE WHO SAID THEY SUCK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/12

a7x doesnt suck and there not a christian band there very open with what they talk abour and if you actually take the time to listen youll find a few songs youll like and from there youll become a die hard fan like myelf

A7X rocks | Reviewer: Knightmare king | 2/7/12

To the idiot who says that A7X sucks and they're a Christian band have ever listened to their songs uncensored christian bands don't swear in their music for example look up Nightmare by A7X they swear slot in that dong and watch the music vid bet that will change your mind

another comment to the idiot who claimed A7X isa christian band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/12

Do you even know who A7X is?!? Some people need to learn to keep their mouth shut, especially if they don't know what they're fucking talking about. Don't understand why people have to hate just go on living ur miserable unhappy life & let these guys do what they do best....make awsome music & entertaine exceptionally like they do...& do you know who "Jesus" is? Cause I never heard them mention him in their songs either....stop hating & get a life dude! LOL

To the idiot who claims A7X is a Christian band and therefore sucks | Reviewer: Lindsay | 12/11/11

Just because they refer the Bible in a couple of songs and took their name from the Bible does NOT make them a purely Christian band. They never proclaim to be one, and that's what counts (not your obviously biased opinion, as you are nobody and did not create the band or their songs).
Also, people like you are the reason why there is no tolerance in this world. "If they weren't a Christian band and would not sing songs about Jesus and what not, they could be better." Not once do they mention Jesus name in a song. And just because they say "God," it doesn't necessarily mean that they're worshipping him in the music. And it doesn't mean that the music sucks. From the perspective of someone who studies music for a living, they have incredible melodic sequences and guitar riffs. And even if they were a self-proclaimed Christian band (which they're NOT), who says a Christian band can't be metal or rock? You, sir, need to learn your genres and how to tolerate other of different religions.

The GREATEST | Reviewer: Hanz | 12/9/11

Wow:) A7x you guys are sooo great and i've finally got your all albums and its so great, love to listen your all songs but we all are sad because "The Rev" had died, we all missing you Jimmy:( may your soul rest in peace.

great band great story | Reviewer: andrazaga | 8/19/11

a7x is the one of the best rock band ever i've seen.RIP SULLIVAN,one of the genius song writer,drummer and absollutly his voice damn....WOW!n bout catholic band i'm not agree.i think it just personal opinion bout life in universaly.cause music it self is universal.waiting for next album.

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