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Chris Cornell Ave Maria Lyrics

Last updated: 08/12/2012 07:36:16 AM

Ave Maria was particularly difficult to decipher since it was written in Shakespearean English, sung to the melody of the Latin version, with traditional English verses mixed together, and altered slightly to fit Cornell's rhythm (presumably).

I've included the traditional English verses parenthetically.

Ave Maria! Maiden mild!
O listen to a maiden's prayer!
For thou canst hear amid the wild
( For thou canst hear though from the wild)
Tis thou, tis thou canst save amid despair.
We slumber safely 'til the morrow,
(Safe may we sleep beneath thy care,)
Tho' we, by men, outcast, reviled;
(Tho' banish'd, outcast, and reviled;)
O maiden! See a maiden's sorrow -
O mother, hear a suppliant child!
Ave Maria!

Ave Maria! Undefiled!
The flinty couch whereon we're sleeping
(The flinty couch we now must share)
Shall seem with down of eider piled,
If thou above, sweet, watch our keeping
(If thy protection hover there.)
The murky cavern's air's so heavy
(The murky cavern's heavy air)
Shall breathe of balm if thou hast smiled;
O maiden! Hear a maiden's pleading!
(Then, Maiden! hear a maiden's prayer;)
O mother, hear a suppliant child!
Ave Maria!

Ave Maria! Stainless styled!
O fiends of air and earth the essence
(Foul demons of the earth and air)
From this their wonted haunt exiled
Shall flee before thy holy presence
(Shall fee before thy presence fair)

We bow beneath our care so laden
(We bow us to our lot of care)
To thy dear guidance reconciled;
(Beneath thy guidance reconciled;)
Then hear, O maiden, simple maiden!
(Hear for a maid, a maiden's prayer;)
And for a father hear a child!
Ave Maria!

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Not bad | Reviewer: John | 8/10/12

I don't get how dumb people are. Chris didn't change the song into something it wasn't. He just sang the English version which makes sense. The prayer, "Hail Mary" contains one paragraph, where the song is 5. The song and the prayer use the same name but to my knowledge have never been the same text whatsoever. At least not the Schubert version we're talking about here. Chris Cornell did a decent job, still I've never really quite embraced the English versions. Just think they lack something that the language can't quite capture.

Odd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/12

Not quite sure how Chris could take such a beautiful dong made from a beautiful prayer of reverance for the Mother of God and the Mother of us all, and come up with a song of hopelessness, using the same title.

Amazing | Reviewer: LP | 12/15/09

I am a huge Chris Cornell fan and when I saw that he did this song with Eleven, naturally I had to listen to it. I am by no means a religious person, and under normal circumstances do not like Christmas/ Church music, but leave it to Chris Cornell to make even the least likely person to fall in love with it. It is the one Christmas song that I can listen to both in and out of the holiday season. Bravo Chris Cornell, and Bravo Eleven.

Lacking | Reviewer: Herbert | 6/14/08

I love Chris' voice, have always been. I'm happy how they could adjust the melody to his voice range, it's very nice. Sadly though his American accent shaded the beautiful language in its original form :(

WOW | Reviewer: karen | 12/10/07

I never thought this song would strike me as it did. Chris does a great job taking this true classic into modern times. I will play this version at my wedding...Nicely Done!!!

Amazing! | Reviewer: Dex | 11/30/07

I grew up RC and had heard older, staid and much less acoustically interesting versions of the song; to the point where I was really unimpressed with it. But this rendition by Cornell is truly wonderful--a masterpiece. Not only a holiday classic, but worth listening to all year round. The old English verse is stirring; the melody is haunting; cornell's voice is rapturous.

FANTASTIC!! | Reviewer: Barry | 11/25/07

Ave Maria has always been a very special song for me, and when I came across this version, I was a little worried that I wouldn't like it. WOW! I am completely taken aback! What a WONDERFUL job, Chris did! KUDOS!

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/05

It will give you chills, This is a truley great modern take of this peice, like I have never heard.