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"I gave the new CD this title because it's the closest my
fans have been to me on a recording yet," says Avant of
PRIVATE ROOM, his third album (and first, on the new Geffen
Records). "The other CDs were me, but the new songs are
more intimate. PRIVATE ROOM is Avant up close and personal."

If the immediate embrace of "Read Your Mind," the CD's lead
single, is any indication, then the singer/songwriter's
listeners love the close proximity. Upon its release, the
dynamic, sexy ballad caught fire at radio out the box,
instantly finding More...

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Review about Avant songs
Perfect Love | Reviewer: Nena in Austin TX
    ------ About the song You & I performed by Avant

This song describes the "love" I feel for my special someone.
Avant and Keke are the perfect duet for this song because they sound perfect together. They harmonize well and their voices complement eachother, not to mention the talent they both exude. This song is an example of perfect love for me.

    ------ About the song Everything About You performed by Avant

Although I love a LOT of Avant's songs, for me...this one is the one that I sing all the time (like everyday). It is the "idea" of the song...that every woman wants to hear from their man. Love this song.

so many touching comments ~ | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

just wanted to read the lyric of this song and found so many awesome stories! this song is a really good one, don't know why but everytime I'm listen to this song I kinda feel sad and happy at the same time.. sometimes this song makes me cry for no reason, maybe because of all the joy and happiness in it.. i really felt for songs which can express so much just in that easy way. within the 3 minutes a girl gets everything she ever wanted to hear from a boy. i hope this song will still stay in our memories and can bring a lot of couples closer together or keep couples off from breaking up ~

amazing | Reviewer: Dolly
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

I think the song is out of this world. Its potrays the kind of love that every women out there is looking for. The kind that only the few experience it in life.

First time i heard was when my boyfriend dedicated it for me. i had to read the lyrics as well, felt greatful to God i have found a man that has such rare love. Felt blessed and loved. the best words, tune wow i will play it on my wedding day. lol lol

Wedding song | Reviewer: Baby96
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

this song is so sweet i listen to it whenever i'm around my baby. At my wedding i listened to it and i just love my boo so much.i really love this song and if i find somebody that wanna be all them thing then i would never let theem go because i was taught when when u find somebody thats good to u good to and that make you happy them u should never let them go

Dis song is ma @ | Reviewer: Harbeesohlarh bravadar
    ------ About the song Lie About Us performed by Avant

Am so luvin dis song,it makes me cry 4 luv,its so touchin,makin me sing along...I dedicate it 2 d luv of my lyf,avant nd nicole u ve got strong voices makin me want 2 listen lyk everyday of my lyf!I luv u guiz!Give us more!

my theme song w/ my bf | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

My Bf give me when i want 2 break up w/ him w/ no reason coz we had a long distance relationship...n he juz give me this song..he said if u've alrdy listen so u'll know how i my feeling 4 u....my tears juz fall frm my eyes when i hear it 4 the 1st time...evertime i hear the song i alwys cry, so until now we dont break up..coz he know how 2 change my mind....i hope he'll come 2 my side now n reunite coz now hes busy working n thinking how 2 make me happy aftr marriage..coz he hate see me working...that very upseting me...he know i dont need his money 2 making me happy..i juz need him..
:( :(

i am!! | Reviewer: Enrique
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

I love u Mrs. Spears.............Torres!!!
U are myqueen. When i first heard this song I was alone but I knew u were out there. I thank God every day for u!!! You are the very air that I breath.

what Mrs. Caldwell has to say | Reviewer: shanna caldwell
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

iam glad that avant made this song people could relate to this in many different ways some girls on here sayoh this is a good song me and my boyfriend broke up and he dedcated this song to me which that is sweet. me and my boyfriend didnt break up but we have this kind of relationships so ladys its not only in fairytails love like this is happens when you least exspect it yu cant look for it you will never find it let it find you and if your with someone you dont want to be with let them go because your hurting them just as bad as your hurting yourself. this song is very touching and i hope it helps alot of couples settle their differences and the help the ones who arent having any differences to have a stronger bond.

For my one and only love | Reviewer: ashli kirby
    ------ About the song I Wanna Be performed by Avant

omg this song is so sweet me and my boyfriend just broke up today and he sent this song to me and since then i have been listening to it omg i never knew he felt this way about me and now hearing this song it breaks my heart cause i might never get him back cause of what i did and i hate that :( i have cried over this song so girls if you have a guy that is faithful to you and treats you right dont do anything to screw up like i did cause in the end you might be the one that is lonely wanting to be with your man so keep your men girls i wish i had of never let mine go :( and baby if you read this i love you with all my heart and im sorry i done that to you i have tried to tell you the truth and you dont believe me when i told you the truth baby i love you with all my heart and ill always love you no matter what happens between us i love you J.D.S

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