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There’s a time in life when you think you know everything
you need to know. For some, it’s the age of five. Then
again at age 13. And every teen year after that. Some hold
on to that illusion through their 20s. But eventually, life
experience does its best to dispel that myth, and you
realize you don’t know much at all, if anything.

When it comes to Avalon, the premier vocal group in
Christian music, there is much to know:

  • Five successful studio projects, a remix album, two RIAA-certified gold records
  • 19 No. 1 radio[ More...

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    Review about Avalon songs
    Jesus is our personal savior | Reviewer: Leny malayo
        ------ About the song We Are The Reason performed by Avalon

    "for go so love the world that he gave his only beggoten son whoever believes on him should not perish but have an Everlasting life"
    john 3:16
    when i saw the video of this, im very touch because of the difficulties that jesus suffered for the sake of us so dont think that Jesus forsaken you because according to the poem the foot point in the sun there is only 2 steps of foot in the sun and that is the foot print of Jesus that is carrying you so thankyou for your inspirational song it helps me to make my eye open to the real meaning of life

    we are the reason | Reviewer: namgalung gangmei
        ------ About the song We Are The Reason performed by Avalon

    This song really touched me m a Christian but I dnt know what is Christian way of life I dnt realized what jesus died for me. ..when I listen to this very song it's really healed me and give vision for me I dntknow the value of christmas just for making new friends and meeting old frends.. ..god sent his only son for me thank Avalon for your beautiful song God bless you all. Thanks

        ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Avalon

    hai im a server of God im a youth of our parish Catmon "YOSAP" .. First time i heard this song oh my God i cant get over every words of this song.. It made me realize that we should testify our God even if we are a sinNers God will never take us for granted.. thats why me and my co youth made an action of this song and we present it to all people who join the dance w/ the lord and i am happy that they heard thIs song ..thanks avallon more power to write God's songs..

        ------ About the song We Are The Reason performed by Avalon

    Jesus crucified on the cross.He suffered died because of our sins.He did this to save us.
    Lord sorry for our sins,You gave your life to save us.We are the reason why you are suffered and died.
    Lord thank you for the salvation, eventhough we are sinners. Thank you for your care and love. You are always their to guide in our daily lives. Thank you Lord for everything.

    I love you so much Lord !! | Reviewer: kathleen
        ------ About the song We Are The Reason performed by Avalon

    This song is really my favorite. It's very touching. Thank you so much Lord for the salvation that you gave.Eventhough Im a sinner, you still love me for who I am. You still care and provide the needs of me and my family. Thank,you so much Lord. You deserve all the thanks and praise.Your kingdom and power reigns forever and ever. Amen.

    So true and touching | Reviewer: Favour
        ------ About the song Can't Live A Day performed by Avalon

    This song has been in my phone all these while I never knew till this morning I was just washing dishes and I was playing the songs on my phone, and came across this song, I could not help but play it over and over again singing on top my voice. I love this song, God bless the writer of this song. Avalon u are blessed!!!!!!

    Soul food | Reviewer: Eunice
        ------ About the song Testify To Love performed by Avalon

    This song gives me joy and encouragement that even in the silences when words are not enough, God still loves us and there is no doubt about that.i will always testify to God's love everywhere i go. More grace Avalon.

    Thank you Lord | Reviewer: Sheenna
        ------ About the song We Are The Reason performed by Avalon

    Thank You Lord for the salvation of all humankind. Thank You for being merciful towards us. Thank You for the protection from this world full of temptations. No one could ever compare to Your unconditional love. And most of all, thank You giving us a reson to live. Help us live up to it Lord and use us to help those who are spiritually deprived. GOD BLESS US ALL!

    god jesus the best lord of all time | Reviewer: yuri
        ------ About the song We Are The Reason performed by Avalon

    god jesus is the best lord of world and unnivers jesus save from the other bad guys when i was sleep i had a bad dream and i pray my bad dream is gone she love all my family members
    and the people she
    wash our sins and we are the reason that he give his life
    thankyou for reading

    Everything to me | Reviewer: Peace
        ------ About the song Everything To Me performed by Avalon

    The song came at the time I needed encouragement and a word from God and lo.. Here I am broken down in tears n memories of how Gods been faithful. Lord I realy thank U for Avalon. Great song, inspiring Lyrics and a very mighty Ministry U guys have. Am ur forever fan and always loving Ur songs

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