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Paolo Nutini Autumn Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2009 11:00:00 AM

Autumn leaves under frozen souls,
Hungry hands turing soft and old,
My hero crying as we stood out their in the cold,
Like these autumn leaves I dont have nothing to hold.

Handsome smiles wearing handsome shoes,
Too young to say, though I swear he knew,
And i hear him singing while he sits there in his chair,
While these autumn leaves float around everywhere.

And I look at you, and I see me,
Making noise so restlessly,
But now its quiet and I can hear you sing,
'My little fish dont cry, my little fish dont cry.'

Autumn leaves how fading now,
That smile that ive lost, well ive found some how,
Because you still live on in my fathers eyes,
These autumn leaves, all these autumn leave, all these autumn leaves are yours tonite.


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Autumn by Paolo, it's beautiful | Reviewer: hermona | 4/15/09

It's actually about his grandparents who I think passed away, it especially refers to his grandfather.
It's a beautiful song which sadly no one's heard. But that makes it more special to me. The lyrics are simply exquisite matched with Paolo soft, gravily vocals, it is the perfect song.

special | Reviewer: lucy | 3/6/09

i adore this song, it really helped me through when my Grandpa died, it has such beautiful meaningful lyrics like the bit about him singing in his chair, and my favourite line "my hero cried as we stood out there in the cold"..that reminds me of my dad and gran stood with me at his funeral. amazing song <3