Autumn Leaves Lyrics

This is a Melodic Death Metal band from Denmark who began
in 1992 under the name of DECRIAL. As DECRIAL they released
a demo entitled "Desires Unfold" in 1993. The name was
changed after they had kicked out one of the guitarists who
had done most of the songwriting, so it was only logical
that they would start anew.

In 1995 they released their first demo as AUTUMN LEAVES
entitled "Hope Springs Eternal" which secured them a deal
with Serious Entertainment. They have since released 2 full
length albums and then split up in 2001. More...

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Reviews about Autumn Leaves songs

Great. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Reign Supreme performed by Autumn Leaves

I think all of those who are into metal music know or have heard the so called melodic death metal which was born in Sweden.Autumn leaves seems to be part of that style, however, they have many elements that make this band unique.

Firslty, the guitars are in a 90 % heavy, and of course the guy who plays it knows what to do.

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