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In 1994 I left my home in Montreal to join a big American
band. My official life in music had begun.

I played bass in Hole for an intense 5 years, and then
joined Smashing Pumpkins to support their last album and
farewell tour. They were incredible years of my life ­
educational, like a Bachelor's degree in rock followed by a
Master's. All of which led me here: Auf Der Maur, my first
solo album.

The recording process started in March 2001, but the
songwriting took place over the last decade. For creative
reasons, it was important More...

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Submit Auf Der Maur New Lyrics

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Auf Der Maur rox! | Reviewer: Charmed fan
    ------ About the song Taste You performed by Auf Der Maur

i am a massive Charmed fan, and i was so so so excited when they played this song on the show. i love Auf Der Maur, so rox! love this song. if you don't, well, you must be crazy! P.S, the french version of this song is awesome aswell

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