Atreyu Lyrics

Atreyu is:
Brandon Kyle Saller - Drums / Vocals
Daniel Louis Jacobs - Guitar
Christopher Gordon Thomson - Bass
Travis William Miguel - Guitar
Ektor Alexander Varkatzas - Vocals

VR177 -- Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses -- CD

"An emotionally charged fusion of screaming metallic
hardcore and catchy
breakdowns." - Revolver

Southern California is celebrated for its sunshine and
renowned for continually producing some of the world’s best
punk rock bands. Atreyu will dispel any predetermined
notions you may have More...

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Review about Atreyu songs
LIVE LIVE BURN DIE | Reviewer: metal fan
    ------ About the song Lip Gloss And Black performed by Atreyu

Love this song <3 this song and When Two Are One are my absolute favorites of theirs.

Anyways, if you're wondering about the mumbling after "just a little less human", they're repeating the words "I feel so much more, so much more exhumed". Go Atreyu

Great song, great band! | Reviewer: Kandii
    ------ About the song A Letter To Someone Like You performed by Atreyu

Atreyu is really amazing, their lyrics, the sound, it all just fits together. I got into them a few years ago and up until about 4 months ago, I only knew of the album Congregation Of The Damned, and I have to admit, I love the songs on all of their albums... though I do have to complain about The Remembrance Balad, kind of a boring song. Other than that, Atreyu is amazing and they deserve more praise on their unique sounds and amazing covers.

I'm Settling This | Reviewer: Invadertree
    ------ About the song Bleeding Mascara performed by Atreyu

The term "emo" comes from the term emotive hardcore which was a style of music that combined elements of death metal, metalcore and punk rock. An emo was someone who listened to this kind of music. Very few emos actually cut themselves and feel depressed all the time. This was just a view society had on it just like society thought metal was evil or "satanic". Anyone can call themselves an emo, even a blonde surfer from California or Australia. Emo music generally involved music styles linked to metalcore and lyrics linked to death metal or punk rock. They also listen to bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and The Offspring. Personally I like all those bands and I'm happy to call myself an emo. If you are going to call it emo, at least get the definition right otherwise you just end up looking like a complete fuckwit who's life is so pathetic that the only way you can feel better about yourself is by talking shit about other people and the things they like. Your life cannot be that pathetic, right?

There really shouldn't be a debate here... | Reviewer: Agnostic Back
    ------ About the song Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity performed by Atreyu

I certainly wouldn't call them a Christian Rock band by any stretch of the imagination. That said, there are always Christian influences to be found in a number of things. Christianity has heavily colored the past...oh...say...couple thousand years of western culture. So if you're looking for influences, you can't throw a rock without hitting them. That's the nature of the beast (I hate when people say "No pun intended" so "Damn, I made that pun"). People who lack faith or don't follow that particular faith can get a lot out of considering how Christianity's impact on culture has informed the lyrics. Christians can get a lot out of considering the other influences that have brought forth the kind of music that reaches you. There's common ground here, kids. Find it. (He says on a long dead's to resurrection!) For the record, my take on the whole thing is I don't know and I'm pretty sure you don't either, but believe or not with respect for others.

It's not about twilight! | Reviewer: Henri le atoumne
    ------ About the song This Flesh a Tomb performed by Atreyu

This is song isint about twilight or never will be about twilight...twilight is about shiny statues that have glitter...they're not vampires...never was...never will be...and this song is about obsession yes but they also did it after Anne rice vampire chronicles....this song is actually more for that series then about shiny statues

So annoying | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song At Least I Know I'm A Sinner performed by Atreyu

I hate people who are like "stop shoving religion down my throat so I can shove atheism down yours," because you're making yourselves sound just as bad as the people you're trying to shut up. Believe whatever the hell you want, most of us don't care. You say that we're (Catholics) all assholes who think we're better than you, but that's not even how most of us are. Those are just the loudest and most obnoxious people you hear, and the loudest and most obnoxious atheists are doing the same thing, giving people the same impression. I know most atheists are probably nice people who pass by churches and do whatever they want without bothering others, but your loudest bunch is doing the same thing ours is: shoving beliefs.

tl;dr let me believe what I want, stop being annoying, we know we have annoying Catholics, but we're not all that way, just like you guys.

Anyways, great song, love it, favorite on SNaBK, really sends a message, though it comes across as a one-sides message, even if it is a two-sided thing after all. When you say "bullshit rule book" you make religious people sound like they're the worst, when both sides have their share of assholes.

Stop Trippin' | Reviewer: IgnoranceIsBliss
    ------ About the song At Least I Know I'm A Sinner performed by Atreyu

All you guys are arguing about a song??? Wow might need to grow up guys. The song is just saying these individuals do not agree with organized religion or following the rules set by people who died long before us. Continue believing what you believe, but it doesn't change the message Atreyu was trying to send. If you take offense to the song, don't listen to it. Other than that, the song was very well written and the message was well relayed in PLAIN ENGLISH.

Atreyu | Reviewer: *(*)*(*)*(*)* unknown
    ------ About the song Lead Sails(And A Paper Anchor) performed by Atreyu

Hey I'm kinda new to these things but yea. Atreyu Rocks. This song was one of the first that i started to listen to. i love this some more than the others, but i also like When two are one. these guys rock.

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Crimson performed by Atreyu

(The Crimson) was the first Atreyu song i ever herd and i loved it. i always loved the type of music even if people at school think im crazy its who i am.i also love a lot of there other songs.

to clarify | Reviewer: eerc
    ------ About the song At Least I Know I'm A Sinner performed by Atreyu

To the guy saying that jesus hung out with jews and muslims, the Islam religion was nonexistent during jesus' time. And in the q'uran (holy book of islam) it is actually written that islamics are to respect the other religions that believe in one god as thsy do, those religions being (at the time) Judaism and catholicism.

And now to the man speaking to john, I don't understand how you think god "hates","murders","has an ego", and "is 'allowed' to be perfect and sin". God does not hate anyone, regardless of their sins, he simply will judge them on the way they lived their lives. And god does not murder, people do. God was gracious enough to give people the freedom of free will, whether or not you choose the right path, however, is up to you. And he doesn't have an ego, he only wants people to go down the right path and be good people. Think of him as the parent of all parents, the only one who ALWAYS wants the best for you. And he is not "allowed" to be perfect, he has been and always will be perfect, regardless how other people percieve him. He also doesn't sin, and there have only been few others who have never sinned, to my knowledge, that would be the holy virgin mary (the lady who was chosen to bear his son). He actually gave humans a chance to remain sinless when he first created them. Are you familiar with the story of adam and eve and the garden of eden? When original sin was bestowed upon all of mankind for eternity? So in fact his own son jesus has even sinned, through original sin, just as everyone else has. He gives everyone who has sinned a chance to repent and be forgiven, when or if people do this is entirely up to them.

Now on to the song, the first verse, and the "raise up your heads..." verses seem to be coming from someone, likely an athiest, who is judging a christian, by labeling him as inferior for believing that there is a god. And all the other verses, seem to be in response to this. The response, summed up, is the christian telling the athiest that dishonoring god by judging others, claiming there is no god, and that his "prayers" (want for people to be athiest) will not be "answered" (fulfilled) through degrading christians. The "you judged me and now you are me, stop playing god" means that when the athiest dies, he will be judged by god the same way he judged the christian. And the chorus is coming from the christians perspective, stating that his only relief from being surrounded by sin is that one day, all the wicked (constant sinners) will be judged and given their just desserts.

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