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Atreyu Biography

Last updated: 05/31/2012 11:00:00 AM


Atreyu is:
Brandon Kyle Saller - Drums / Vocals
Daniel Louis Jacobs - Guitar
Christopher Gordon Thomson - Bass
Travis William Miguel - Guitar
Ektor Alexander Varkatzas - Vocals

VR177 -- Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses -- CD

"An emotionally charged fusion of screaming metallic hardcore and catchy
breakdowns." - Revolver

Southern California is celebrated for its sunshine and renowned for continually producing some of the world’s best punk rock bands. Atreyu will dispel any predetermined notions you may have previously had of a band from this area.

Depression, pain, desire and retribution procreate in a dark, lonely corner of your psyche. It’s that sordid piece of yourself that you try and hide, deny and bury. Orange County California’s Atreyu is embroiled in the struggle to break free from this disenfranchising abyss. Atreyu has taken a new direction in the world of melodic hard rock. They make extreme a little more accessible, emo a little more haunting and severe backed up with a powerful hardcore foundation. The album was recorded at the legendary Trax East (Hatebreed, Snapcase, Catch 22) and produced by Erik Rachel.

"Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" is a wrenching window into the mind and heart of bandleader and lead vocalist Alex Varkatzas. Varkatzas’ rich
allegorical songwriting focuses on dealing with the human growth struggle and the pain and desire of relationships. Atreyu’s incendiary musical alloy can best be described as a complex, passionate, emotional maelstrom of torment, revenge, vindication and release. Song titles like “Tulips Are Better”, “Lip Gloss and Black” and “A Vampire’s Lament” evoke a quandary of elicit images. The musicianship is technical yet fluid with a precise, thunderous rhythm section.

Accentuating Atreyu’s unconventional aura is the two-headed vocal delivery of Alex and drummer Brandon Saller. Alex is the ferocious, menacing, caustic and seething skull while Brandon is the tranquilizing, harmonious, Elysian cranium. This vocal duality migrates the gamut of melodramatic expression creating an ethereal yet turbulent soundscape.

Over the past three years Atreyu has garnered a dedicated, ardent, underground following on the West Coast. In December, 2001, Atreyu released their debut EP on Tribunal Records entitled, "Fractures in the Façade of Your Porcelain Beauty", recorded with producer Paul Miner, bassist of Death By Stereo. "Fractures" has been extremely well received and immediately garnered rave reviews.

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Beyond Great | Reviewer: Zach | 8/5/11

I first heard Atreyu on Madden..Ex's and Oh's. And from there, my love for them has just blown up! I have listened to just about everything, and know 97 percent of the lyrics. They are great, deep, true lyrics. Though at times I question extremity (At Least I Know I'm A Sinner) I completely understand where they're coming from, and can fully appreciate all their meanings

truly amazing | Reviewer: stephanie | 5/26/10

Atreyu is amazing. Brandon and Alex's voices are so powerful and their lyrics have a deeper meaning. I love it I have 3 more c.d's by them and a movie that their cover song to you give love a bad name is in to buy. I am determined to get them though. oh and who ever made this page made an error ,which you probally all know i'm just saying, the bassist is Markus Mcknight

mindblowing | Reviewer: Wyatt G | 2/28/10

I wasnt much of a fan when it came to Metalcore (still not), but Atreyu is the only metalcore band i love. first song i heard from them was Becoming The Bull on Sirius Octane, which i loved. after i looked them up i have come to love all of their music. THE BEST metalcore band of the 21st century.

the best band i've known | Reviewer: katrina | 7/7/09

ATREYU?!? wel, they're the best...i love the way alex interprets the lyrics of the song.. their voices are powerful.. the best song i've heard is from the album "lead sails paper anchor" entitled "doomsday".. ATREYU ROCKS!!!!

best of both words | Reviewer: misha | 6/3/09

The thing with this band is that they have such powerful songs thats its hard NOT to listen to them. I must admit that to begin with I was not into their music plainly for the reason that i DID think that they were just like the rest. Then i sat down and actually, actually listened to the band and I have to correct myself they are not like the rest of all those bands out there, Atreyu are simply unique. You get the best of both worlds with Atreyu, having a melodic twistedness to the vocals and such powerful lyrics you know you can expect from this band. Its ashame that they are so undergrond, I live in New Zealand and hardly anybody has heard of them..UNF*CKING BELIEVABLE! they are worth knowing!


Atreyu is awesome! | Reviewer: clikzta | 3/24/09

Atreyu is one of the best hardcore bands of our time. My first song that I heard from them was "Becoming the Bull", but my favorite song is "The Theft". I love the way Ektor does the powerful verses and then Brandon does the melodic choruses.

ATREYU is AmAzING!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Mooo? | 2/27/09

The first song iheard by Atreyu was Lip gloss and Black. It's amazing!! then i heard Her Portrait in Black on Underworld 2!! it was also Amazing!! They're tied for first with Marilyn Manson in my Favourites!! i love them equally...i thinnk.
I love their lyrics!! Brandon K. Saller is my fav out of the band though!! He has the voice is Amazing!! and the way he plays the drums is Amazing!!!! i want to buy all of their CDs and go to a concert!! GO ATREYU!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!

freakin awesome | Reviewer: megster | 1/6/09

i think that atreyu is without doubt one of the best hard core bands to form and i have to say i disagree with brandon and dylan their new stuff is not bad i mean it does not compare to the old but its still freakin awesome

Best Band Ever | Reviewer: Amber | 12/27/08

Atreyu..Where to begin..?
Ah. I know. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!
The first song i heard by them was Ex's and Oh's.
Then i listened to their album The Curse.
And just fell in love. 8]
I love the way the drummer (Brandon Saller) sings.
He has an amazing voice.
And Alex Varkatzas is just as good.
I haven't seen them live...yet..
but i really badly want to!!!

ATREYU ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: kyle johnson | 9/29/08

the first song i have ever heard from atreyu was becoming the bull and i was becoming a fan lol. but when i heard that song it just sounded so different to me you know and after that i just love atreyu.