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After over a year of major label courting from Interscope,
Sony, Warner Bros, Atlantic and Universal, Minneapolis
indie Hip Hop powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment and
Atmosphere have opted to pass on all offers and continue
forward with their independent approach at changing the
game. With the majors left behind, Rhymesayers has found a
kindred spirit with the seminal Punk label Epitaph, and a
worldwide licensing deal will be releasing Seven’s Travels,
the brand new full-length CD from indie Hip Hop troubadours
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Review about Atmosphere songs
Your transcription | Reviewer: Joneaux
    ------ About the song Abusing of the Rib performed by Atmosphere

Your transcription contains the line "orifice of her survival," and I am wondering what you can offer in support of this. To me, it seems hard to interpret the line's meaning assuming "orifice" is correct- what is an orifice of survival? A cave? Point being, an orifice is hole, like a mouth- seems to have little to do here.
On the other hand, my understanding of it is "artifice of its survival," in reference to the traintracks' being what supports the survival of the train. An artifice is a skill or a means to accomplish or arrive, and in this light seems the obvious choice and the correct lyric.

momets of my days | Reviewer: john rainer
    ------ About the song Write Now (Multiples #4) performed by Atmosphere

baby i can`t stop thinking ab`t u ,u thy only one i know in my life ;why did u live .days and months are passing now without seeing u face baby u really know u r everything in my life just stearing on u photo u own me alot

by john rainer

Lucy Ford | Reviewer: Ian Jackson
    ------ About the song Fuck You Lucy performed by Atmosphere

this song has nothing to do with LSD as the top comment claims. "lucy" comes from "lucy ford", the name of the album and it is also similar to "lucifer". slug has already said this song is about his past addiction to alcohol which is one of his personal demons or "lucifers".

remarkable | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Little Man performed by Atmosphere

even today this song brings shivers to my spine. it always amazing no matter how old. remarkable. its funny how much slug has the power to share his own memories in a way we all can relate. got nothing but respect for this guy, and song.

It's so obvious... | Reviewer: Carson Ruth
    ------ About the song Fuck You Lucy performed by Atmosphere

If you ever done acid before you'd know that another name for LSD is Lucy...I never got it till I just re-listened to this song.

Acid makes you feel like everything is okay, it makes you feel like you have the answer for everything. And in his realization he realizes that it's all fake. All the things he discovered in himself is induced by a drug that he didnt need. That real love is not acid. LSD is known as the love drug. It makes you so gone that you feel so satsifed by everything and love everyone.

"And everyone in his life would mistake it as love
Everyone in his life would mistake it as love
Everyone in his life would mistake it as love"

Goes to with what I'm saying its like induced love....

" The difficulty in keeping emotions controlled
Cookies for the road
Took me by the soul
Hunger for the drama
Hunger for the nurture
Gonna take it further
The hurt feels like murder
The eyes
Read the lines on her face
The sunshine is fake
How much time did i waste?
Fuck you Lucy for leaving me
Fuck you Lucy for not needin me
I wanna say fuck you
Because i still love you
No, I'm not OK
And I don't know what to do"

Just reminds me a lot of how I felt after I quit doing hallucingens, and realized that it's all fake but I still miss the feeling of okay that it gave me. Fake sunshine reminds me of how everything seems brighter than it actually is when you're tripping.

"Sober and upset in the morning
I wanna scream Fuck you Lucy
But the problem is i love you Lucy"

Is how I first felt when I quit...Exactly.

About that hole "Lucy Ford" thing | Reviewer: Baal
    ------ About the song Fuck You Lucy performed by Atmosphere

to get to the bottom of that whole Lucifer methapher... the only Time Lucy and Ford (which is supposed to make Lucifer) came together was on Lucy Ford the EPs. Which is basically just a collection of 3 EPs: Lucy (which is, u guessd it about Lucy, whoever she is) and Ford 1 and 2... who are about Cars and Traveling across the country... so there technically is no "Lucy Ford"...
oh and whatever Lucy stands for... give yourself Fuck You Lucy, Say Hey There and Your Name Here it's fun

Love it but lyrics on this are messed up | Reviewer: That Man
    ------ About the song Fuck You Lucy performed by Atmosphere

so in the begining the voice says "me leave never would you, you showed could i if" not "leave me never would you, you showed could i if" bbbbeeecccaaauuuussssseeee if you saayyy it backwords it says (and i quote from slug himself)"if i could show you, you would never leave me" still love this song tho, slug is my favortie rapper. still stays true to the true rap game.

I think the other reviewer's taking this a bit too far. | Reviewer: Demi
    ------ About the song Keep Steppin' performed by Atmosphere

I see this song as prototypes of two people stuck in typical situations in this world - the man who's struggling to be a man, the woman who's struggling to find a balance between her emotions and what's good for her, and that all of this is happening, but you need to keep stepping, look up. It's more positive than how the other reviewer says, "nothing changes and we are still getting one step closer to death". In fact, I think he's saying that things do change. You just need to keep climbing. As indicated by the last verse - we're all climbing together, climbing to death but loving each step.

I love this song. Just when you think you've found your favorite Atmosphere song, another pops up.

lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fuck You Lucy performed by Atmosphere

ive been told that "Lucy" is a reference to all of the shitty relationships he's had. Lucy is the name he gave to all his toxic girlfriends.

Makes sense to me. So thats how i take it.

review over song | Reviewer: Andres
    ------ About the song Less One performed by Atmosphere

it's a clear story that entraps one at the very start of the whole passage. the lingustics seems to go along with the story... basically its about a cop who arrests a man and in the process he recalls the dirt bags that his daughter is into and thus he harsher on the man

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