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Athena Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2003 11:27:17 PM

Athena was formed in Italy anno 1991 and released their first demo in 1993. At this early stage their music was influenced mainly by progressive bands like Dream Theater. In 1995 they signed their first contract with a local label and in the middle of that very year they released their debut "Inside The Moon". At this time the experienced singer and long time friend of the band Fabio Lione (at that time going by the name Joe Terry) who had recently left the band Labyrinth. In 1997 they played some live shows and Fabio gave the band a heavier vibe and a stronger melodic touch in the Rhapsody style. In the end of 1997 and beginning of 1998 they recorded their second album "A New Religion" which was released in June 1998. This album was received very well by the press and the band went out on the Axel Rudi Pell tour throughout Germany in December 1998.

In 1998 Fabio chose to leave the band since he was too busy with three bands (Rhapsody, Athena and his own solo project Vision Divine). The band decided to take in two new young musicians - singer Francesco Neretti and an additional guitar player named Graziano Poggetti. Ross Lukather also joined the band on drums after having been on the Labyrinth tour with Hammerfall where he played as a hired session drummer. The band started working on new material and was noticed by Noise Records who decided to sign the band. On January 22nd, 2001, they released their third album "Twilight Of Days" which was recorded in Euphonic Studios in Pisa, Italy.